17 July 2006

Far Beyond Collective Punishment. Lebanon: Collective Destruction

This used to be my playground. Six days ago there were four buildings with 8 to 10 stories high and a little garden in front of them. My parents home used to be on the second floor in the building in the middle. They did not harm anybody their entire life. Neither did their neighbours.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to see death being brought upon innocent people in your country. I pray that this conflict will end soon.

The people of Ireland are with you all.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me this is going to take a very long time. Syria is not going to give up so soon on its slave: Lebanon. It's a shame you let extremists be in-charge over your future. Lebanon has brought it's destruction on itself by being dragged by Syria.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Bushmert doesn’t care about “collateral damages”: someone who enthusiastically destroyed Bagdad, the former capital of an empire stretching from Spain to India, won’t have second thoughts about razing a small Arab city-state with no oil to steal.

The Arab League and its Saudi and Egyptian “pillars” did nothing for Iraq in 2003, even though TeX-Aviv was then exclusively targeting their fellow Sunni Arabs…

Don’t expect the Wahhabi collaborators of Riyadh to lift a finger for Lebanon.

Three days ago, the house of Saud sent a crystal clear message to Bushmert- a man who appreciates “moral clarity” whatever that means:

“The massacre can continue. Please Sahib President, make sure Yahweh’s glorious air force destroys in priority the South, Beirut’s Dahiyehh, and the Beqaa valley. Allah blesses you. Saudi Arabia is your friend. You can always count on us. The Supreme Council of the Riyadh ‘Ulamas is praying day and night for your victory. We love you Mr. President. Allah loves you.”

hind said...

hi. i dont know who you are. i am palestinian living in beirut, now in amman freaking out about my beloved city. i just wanted to say, i have been watching the news for 4 days straight and not one tear has come out of my angry eyes. this picture with those few simple words did it. i am now totally embaressing myself at an uncaring ammani internet cafe. i salute you and hope your family is ok, and thank you for the chance to cry a little.

JC in Atlanta said...

Not everyone in the US agrees with the policy of this administration, nor with the tactics of Isareal.

MOST AMERICANS do not like what is going on in your country right now. WE DO NOT LIKE TERRORISM, even if the terrorist is a government.

Stay strong, stay safe!

the perpetual refugee said...


My heart is with your parents.

moral ground said...

My best wishes go to you and your family. I'm very sorry :(

Pedrito said...

Sad as it is to see anything destroyed (especially human life), this was all preventable. The Lebanese government wanted to have their cake and eat it too (with respect to Hizbollah) and now the Lebanese people are paying for it in spades.

I am not naive enough to believe that Israel is completely innocent in the whole matter, neither side is. But Hizbollah is a stated terrorist organization whose entire goal is to destroy every single Israeli. At least the stated "goal" of the Israeli government isn't to destroy anyone, but to rather live in peace...as I is the goal of the average Lebanese citizen I would imagine.

But if you're looking for someone to blame for your playground being blown to shreds, it isn't he Israelis you should be directing your complaints against, it should be Hizbollah first and foremost and your own government next in line for allowing Hizbollah to USE AND ABUSE your people as a staging ground for their terrorist agenda.

Anonymous said...

i'm terribly sorry. i wish your parents a speedy recovery to normal life. god be with you.

Anonymous said...

I feel with you, It breaks my heart to see Beirut and Lebanon being destroyed on the watch of the outside world. At least you let the world out! Keep blogging and sending pictures. The world need to see who is the evil in this.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the Lebanese People. Hope all would end soon. Be safe Bashir, my prayers with you.

Abu Kais said...

I am so sorry Bashir. I am so sorry...

R said...

My heart goes out to you...

LEVI said...

I am so glad the pictures are gone. I saw them earlier this morning. Don't be fooled by the deception and lies. It is amazing what you can do with Adobe Photoshop (photo editing software where you can superimpose and overlay pictures). One can create pictures fraudulently showing anything they want. If I knew what the false "prophet" Mohammed of the Quran looked like, I could create a picture of him having anal sex with a pig. One could create a picture of Arafat and Bush holding hands. Pictures can be easily "doctored". Again I am glad the pictures are gone, because the naive and gullible are easily persuaded to believe anything without exercising discernment and using verification.

I am NOT a Jew. I am an American. But Israel has no choice but eliminate Hezbollah. Lebanon is responsible for all actions that occur within its borders. I am saddened by the death of anyone. I suspect many of the number reported dead on the Lebanese side are Hezbollah fighters. I pray they are. They don't wear uniforms. They wear civilian clothing and hide behind women and children to fire their weaponry. Islamic Nazism is evil. In Iraq, Islamic fascists are senselessly killing Shiites and Sunnis each killing one another. Arabs in Gaza and the west bank would rather send their kids off packed with suicide bombs to murder men, women, and children in Israel than to send their kids off to college. They say they will not be humiliated. Their own behavior humiliates them and makes them look like fools due to their false insane pride.

What OHTER "culture" in this world beside "Palestinians"/Arabs dress their kids and grandmothers with machine guns and hand held rocket launchers? I hate to speak in generalities for their are ALWAYS exceptions, but it seems that "Palestinians", Arabs, and Persians (Iranians) are the biggest liars but apparently not intelligent enough to realize that they are not even good enough at it except to deceive the lowest common denominator of those in other cultures including naïve Americans. Note: not all Americans are naïve.

If the kidnapped Israeli soldiers are not returned, Hezbollah surrender their weapons, and the rockets stop being lobbed into Israel, then you, your culture, your families, will die. You will be humiliated for being fools. Israel is tired of living in fear. Tired of suicide/homicide bombers. Tired of the rockets. I support one hundred and ten percent Israel destroying Hezbollah. I am saddened that Hezbollah has cruelly subjected innocent Lebanese men, women, and children to the hell of war. Damn Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran for their evil...followers of the false "god" "allah" of the fiction called the Quran. When a Muslim or any man dies without Jesus Christ as Savior who is the Son of God...GOD in the flesh...they find themselves in hell with Mohammed, Hitler, Mao, and all others who reject Christ.

I wish wish wish this attack on Israel had occurred from Syria instead of Lebanon for Syria and Iran are the real evil culprits in this evil enterprise. I pray that Israel, the United States, and/or western civilization attacks and vanquishes Syria and Iran. They must be vanquished. The West can not sit back and do nothing against her enemies who vow to destroy her.

Interestingly, when Lebanese, "Palestinian", or Arab children die, Israelis and the West are saddened by it, when Jews are killed you see actually dancing in the streets of Gaza, the West Bank, and in other Arab/Persian capitols. Remember the dancing in their streets when the Twin Towers came down? What a demented and perverse culture. What a backward culture. What a foolish culture. What an evil culture. What an humiliated culture who by their own foolish stubbornness brings their own condemnation and humiliation upon their heads.

Dear Lord Jesus God Almighty,

Please protect the children...all the children ...Lebanese, "Palestinian", Arab, Persian, and Israelis. Dear God Almighty destroys the enemies of Israel. Bring peace to the area and vanquish Israel's foes as we USA/Britain with other allies did to Japan and Germany in WWII. That is the only way to bring peace to the area. They must be brought to their knees due to their stubbornness and evil desires.

Sorry for the rambling, but I am tired of seeing Israeli and Lebanese children killed as the result of the evil, foolish, and false pride of the Arab/Islamic culture.

The land Israel holds (Israel proper) is Israel’s. It was given to them by the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The sooner you accept that fact and give up this foolishness, you can have peace. Otherwise, you will just have death for you and your children and spend eternity in hell with the false prophet Mohammed. The choice is yours. Repent and accept Christ...that is your only true salvation. That is your only hope. For only Jesus Christ the true God who came in the flesh as a JEW and freely laid down his life for you. HE SO LOVES YOU that HE DIED ON THE CROSS JUST FOR YOU. He let the JEWS and GENTILES kill him for YOU. He died for my sins and He died for your sins. The choice is yours as to wear you spend eternity. The choice to live or die in this war is yours. I lay before you life and death…..choose LIFE!

Levi (pseudonym)
Attorney at Law
Florida USA

Anonymous said...

ok Mr. Levi.. lets give the Land you live on back to the Seminole Indians, lets see how you would like that . Would you scream for your rights to stay or would you lay down and tell the Invaders ohh please come in take all you want..
While you are lying in the Sun on Floridas Beaches, please dont degrade other Peoples Beliefs, you are NOT a christian you are the Epidomie of a Hypocrate , so dont even compare yourself to any Faith, you are Evil your thoughts about others are sick , may God forgive you .

Noam said...


I don't know you, but I know or used to know a lot of people from Beyrouth and my thoughts are with them and you all the time. I am deeply saddened by what is going on and wish our peoples have the wisdom and courage to rid themselves of the warlords (uniformed or not) and crooked politicians who make this once blossoming neighbourhood of ours, the cradle of so many civilizations, into a massive testing ground for the military industries of this barbarous world.

Oh, and Mr. pseudonym LEVI - you disgust me! There's no justification for what your government and mine (and yes, probably also the Iranian and Syrian regimes) are doing to the innocent peoples of the middle east.

Oh, wouldn't western civilization be a good idea...

Noam, Amsterdam / Tel Aviv-Yafo

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for everything that's going on in your country right now. I've yet to visit but my family who have visited have always praised it's beauty and friendly people.

I am even more sorry about my government's response to this attack. I'm from Canada, and believe me, most Canadians do not agree with the Prime Minister that Israel is acting justly. I am incredibly saddened that I am now associated with such an opinion.

Please stay strong and safe.

To Levi: You are a despicable person. As if atrocities have never been committed in the name of God and Jesus. Please take the time to grow a brain and a conscience. You are in grave need of both.


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