16 July 2006

Far Beyond Collective Punishment. Lebanon: Death or Submission

The first three photos are of the Marwaheen Massacre yesterday and children targetted by Israeli shellings (Assafir).
The rest are from NBN TV of how Haret Hureik looks this morning.
My parent's home is gone.
This area has buildings that are 8 & 9 stories high.
It is usually a busy & highly populated area. It was almost totally abandoned before the shelling.
The UN will decide on Monday. Saturday and Sunday are for rest. Bonne weekend.


Anonymous said...

Still, you are ignoring the savage missile attacks from Lebanon to civilian targets in Israel.
Don't you see that your so called "friends" are bringing you down.
Start taking responsibility and stop closing your eyes. We will continue to support Israel as long as necessary.

I love Munich said...

I have tears in my eyes while looking at those pictures ... it just kills me to see dead children, charred bodies - a destroyed country! It is a nightmare, such a TERRIBLE nightmare and I wish to GOD I could help ... do ANYTHING to help!!


Nightstudies said...

No, this is not about your "submission", you're just collateral damage.

What Israel is trying to do is trap and destroy Hezbollah - or to separate them from their missiles and heavy weaponry and drive them away. It's just that it's your country that Hezbollah would move around in, so it's your country that Israel is trying to paralyse.

That said, they're going about it too heavy handedly.

Read this though a more complete version is already in your comments.

Nightstudies said...

By the way, if the TV is trying to make you despair, or hate - if they show you the worst pictures over and over, then rely on radio for your bulletins. You'll be just as well informed, and probably calmer and better rested, and thus safer.

Anonymous said...

From here it looks like Israel decided hezbollah is going down no matter what. By giving shelter to someone like nassrallah and his friends, you signed a check you cannot afford to cash in. We will just have to wait a couple of weeks to see how this is developing. Rumors here are saying the creep is dead. Few more weeks like this should smash these terrorists, and perhaps open a new future for Lebanon.

Nightstudies said...

Please, avoid blaming Moussa for this war, it isn't his fault. You just make the English speaking world look bad when you chime in with blame.

Osaid Rasheed said...

Annonymous :

Keep supporting Israel as long as 'necessary' !! I wouldnt be saying that if I were you, I wouldnt be happy showing others how BLIND I am !

It is ISrael that started this war in south lebanon not hizbollah after all. We are all sad for civillians dying at both sides : 15 Israeli and more than 120 lebanese so far.

The solution is in the Israeli government : stop its invasions and bring back the lebanese prisoners.

Anonymous said...

For Osaid:
For Israel, returning Lebanese prisoners is NOT an option.
First, most of these prisoners are there for terrorism and unspeakable horrific crimes. Watching news I saw that one of these prisoners is in Israeli prison for crashing 4-year-old girl's skull with Kalashnikov rifle. If these are the guys you want to liberate, then you deserve the carnage you live through. Israel has very fair court system, that is impartial to both Israelis and Arabs. Over years many isrealis have been jailed over terrorism plots aainst arabs, but nobody cries over them. Your nationalistic pride makes you think only about arab prisoners convicted of violent crimes, overlooking their inhuman savagery. You deserve what you get. It is only sad that it is not YOU but some poor family who will die as collateral damage. You should be ashamed of yourself.

autoegocrat said...

If you've ever wondered why America has become such a horrorshow, it's thanks to the ascendancy of soulless knuckle-draggers like the anonymous commenter above. Look at how he speaks: "We will just have to wait a couple of weeks to see how this is developing." It is as if he imagines that he is personally directing American foreign policy. I can't believe I breathe the same air as someone like that.

Hey jackass, Lebanon and Hezbollah are not the same thing, and there is no such thing as killing a child in self-defense. You presume to lecture against 'overlooking inhuman savagery' to people who are facing Israel's bloody ruthlessness in their streets, which you yourself ignore.

If you were really a friend to Israel, then you would condemn its wrongful actions right alongside your condemnations of Hezbollah's atrocities. Friends don't let friends kill children. America can do better than this.

USA said...

Autoegocrat - You say Lebanon citizens and Hezbollah are not the same people - I will give you that. I am an American citizen and yes unfortunately I have fellow citizens who hate and commit unspeakable acts on occasion in the name of there causes. We have the KKK & Skinheads both hate anyone non-white and wish them all dead, ELF who feel it is appropriate to protest by burning and destroying property and too bad if someone gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Pro-Lifers that think its justified to protest abortion by killing the doctors or women having abortions, just to name a few. The difference between the majority of American citizens and Lebanon citizens is we consider these citizens that commit unacceptable acts criminals. We track them down, prosecute, and lock there butts away where they can't commit those acts again. We don't give them shelter, money, and our best wishes towards their cause. To say the Government can't do anything about them is a crock unless what you are really saying is Hezbollah out number all the non-aggressive innocent Lebanon citizens in which case you will have to concede you are country whose majority citizens are terrorist - which makes you a Terrorist State.

Anonymous said...

USA: you have no Idea what you are talking about!you can not compare the 23 Nations

Anonymous said...

USA : the 2 Nations

USA said...

Why can't we compare the two nations? All we are comparing is how we handle criminals, you say the majority of the Lebanon citizens don't agree with Hezbollah and the Government doesn't support them. Then why aren't you chasing these criminals down and prosecuting them? Had your country done this at the beginning of this whole fiasco you wouldn't have Israel coming through your front door now.

Someone made the comment in one of the earlier postings that if Mexican Cattle Rustlers crossed into America and killed a bunch of Americans and snuck back across the border that we would not be opening fire on Mexico.

This is true only because we wouldn't have to. The Mexican Government would work with our Government to track these individuals down. If they didn't we probably wouldn't attack on the first occurrence maybe even the second but if it kept happening and Mexico didn't work with us it wouldn't be long before we go in after the criminals ourselves. Kind of like how we attacked Afghanistan after 911 when the Taliban wouldn't turn over Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

deer tick holler said...

The two sides are not Israel and Hezbollah. The two sides are thugs who think it's OK to kill civilians for politics, and the rest of us who don't. Anonymous, your pathetic excuses are nothing but the weasel words of a thug and a bully.

deer tick holler said...

I take it back, anonymous, you're not a thug, you just suck up to thugs.

deer tick holler said...

Same for you, USA. You either kill kids or you don't. You either make excuses for killing kids, or you don't. Everything you say is whining. You don't mind killing kids, you just want to talk about something else.

USA said...

Deer Tick wise up kids are being killed on all sides. I have to say in defense of the Israelis: I don't ever remember hearing of a case where they took someone hostage, beheaded him and then displayed the beheading on their local T.V. news as entertainment for the masses or took a school full of children, parents, and teachers lock them in the school gym and strap bombs all around the room or strapping bombs to themselves and just blowing up people at random. What do the above three examples have in common - Muslim Terrorist Groups that just can't get along with their neighbors.

Sia'a said...

taban, fine-- but the reason you can't compare the US and lebanon is that we (lebanon) are still just (or were still just) gaining stablilzation after 20 years of civil war. We don't have the strong central government that exists in the US, and that government doesn't have the control of the 200 years that US's government has. We just ridded ourselves of the Syrians last year, or do you not recall that?

deer tick holler said...

USA: There are two sides - the people who kill kids and make excuses for killing kids, and the people who don't. We know which side you are on.

USA said...

Deer Tick I'm on the side that believes ALL Terrorist Groups deserve to be treated like the criminals they are and anyone who hides, gives aid and comfort to them are just as guilty as the Terrorist themselves. I guess we know which side you are on as well cause you are correct Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, etc... have never made excuses for the kids they kill.

USA said...

Sia'a I haven't forgotten, just as I haven't forgot about

OCTOBER 5, 2000

The Day The Serbian People Took Back Their Country:

The suffering of the refugees. The pain of the war victims. The humiliation of the intellectuals. The sudden poverty. The years of social injustice… all the bitterness piled up in one place that day.

As the fear faded, one could feel determination in the air. Whole of Serbia was in Belgrade. People understood each other without words.

HE had already lost.
HE was already gone.
He just didn’t realize it…

The revolution of October 5 took place after legitimate elections. For the first time in 8 years, Milosevic stood personally as a presidential candidate. He believed that he was untouchable, and he believed in disunity and weakness of the democratic parties in Serbia. He trusted his monopole over the media.

After a severe strike on the remaining free media, only a few radio stations remained uncontrolled by the regime. Their broadcasts were frequently interrupted.

The OTPOR! movement posed a real threat to Milosevic’s plans. As such, the greatest number of arrests, beatings, and even torture of OTPOR! activists occurred during the run up to the elections in 2000. During the campaign, OTPOR! literature was seized and premises used by the movement were often demolished.

By the beginning of summer 2000, the situation seemed very much in favor of Milosevic. But it wasn’t. The regime had very few supporters left. National television had lost its professionalism and respect a long time ago, because it had acted as the personal service of Milosevic and his wife for years. The activities of OTPOR! and other nongovernmental organizations educated the citizens of Serbia in alternative ways to inform themselves: flyers, posters, meetings, the Internet… In spite of the frequent interruptions to their broadcasts, local independent radio stations, started to gain enormous popularity, and so did the meetings of the democratic opposition.

On September 24. 2000 Milosevic lost in the first round of the elections, securing just 37.15% of the votes. Vojislav Kostunica – the candidate of DOS won, with a majority of 50.24%. During the first night after the elections, the results of the ballot became obvious, Milosevic’s party, along with JUL (the party of his wife) tried to conceal the real results. All other political parties acknowledged the victory of Kostunica and DOS.

The democratic opposition, having learnt from the elections in 1996, predicted the ballot would be rigged. Over the course of the next ten days protest strikes occurred all over Serbia, and during that time the DOS was making plans for mass demonstrations in Belgrade. The demonstrations took place on October 5, 2000. People from all over Serbia were invited to the capital. Along the way, they clashed with the police who tried to barricade the roads that led to the capital.

It has been estimated that there were around million people on the streets of Belgrade on that day. Some of them brought their children along, unaware of the danger. Clashes with the police lasted many hours. Gallons of tear-gas were used, and the million-strong crowd of people of all generations choked in an attempt to get away.

A bulldozer, which later became a symbol of the revolution, approached the National television station (RTS), under fire from the police that was situated on the roof of the building. Although several people were wounded, the demonstrators succeeded in storming the building and taking over the premises. Parliament was also taken, but a fire started inside which was later brought under control by the demonstrators.

The demonstrations claimed two lives. A girl died in an accident, trying to jump of a bus; and a man died of a heart attack. Several people were shot by the police, but fortunately none of them were fatally wounded.

It is not known if Milosevic demanded the army to be sent in, to control the demonstrators, and for several strategic targets in the city to be bombed. General Pavkovic, who was one of Milosevic’s associates at the time, claimed he had. Fortunately it never happened and possibly one of the most important events of the demonstrations was the moment when the Special Unites of Yugoslav Army, officially joined the demonstrators and the newly elected authorities.

From: http://www.jwork.net/foto/showintro.php?galery=5oktobar2000&lng=en

Learn from others that have succeeded. Take back your own country.

Anonymous said...

Mr. USA: Unfortunately, you are brainwashed! You do not know the truth of the conflict and you will never try to understand. As long as we have people like you. The conflict in the Middle East will never end and people and civilians will be killed all the time!
I wonder who came back in the 1948 killed people and destroyed houses. Yes, the IDF does not need to take people hostages, because they can kill them as quickly as possible and as cheaply as they can. They have the most sophisticated weapons and missiles in the world. While the rest of their neighbors have nothing except their souls and some Katoucha

Anonymous said...

to usa:

As an American, I can say you do not share the thoughts of all Americans. Obivously, you're a jew who only cares about jewish people and not human lives and copy/paste information from other websites that support your claims. Most powerful people here are Jews and running this goddamn government and making us look bad around the world. I guess this is one of the reason why so many Americans don't like Jews. I am not being anti-semitic, it is you who are separating from most Americans and claiming to face anti-semitism. If you share our views, then it doesn't matter if you are a Jew Christian Muslim or Hindu, you'd simply be an American and not an American Jew/zionist.

It's not worth arguing with you because i'm afraid your views of the world is not going to change as you will always support Israel no matter what even if they are wrong.

MR. USA said...

Dear Anonymous, this is 'USA's husband typing. You are a terrorist supporting cocksucker and
I hope your brothers like the taste of Jew cock. They will undoubtedly have the opportunity to taste some as they beg for their lives when, with USA technology, they are absolutely overwhelmed and defeated. Prepare for entry asshole!! You backward-thinking, worthless excuse for a human being.

Mrs. USA said...

Anonymous - First of all I am not a Jew!!!!! The way you use the word shows how you feel. Just so you know both my husband and myself can trace our ancestry back in the USA to the 1600's. All of our relatives were here prior to 1900 (None of which were Jewish). As the family genealogist if I had to classify if I am British, German, Italian, Indian, etc. I would have to say German as I am probably 3/4 German due to ancestry and so is my husband. My husband and myself are both related to historic figures in American History. I am related to Sir Isaac Newton, President John Tyler, and a few Mayors. My husband is related to the Graff family that housed Thomas Jefferson when he wrote the Declaration of Independence (My husbands diaper was changed on the table the Declaration of Independence was wrote on before it was donated to the Smithsonian), he is also related to General Black Jack Pershing. We both have a long line in American History. When I did the last census documentation I listed all of my family (husband, wife, and children) as Americans because as far as we are concerned that is what we are. I think we can all agree that Germans hated Jews - otherwise we would not have had the holocaust - So therefore I have no cultural reason to love Jews. What I find funny is that you classify me without knowing anything about me. Well I grew up in the Bible Belt of the South - Baptist. I grew up with a Grandfather that was in the KKK who hated anyone different. I can't tell you how many times I heard the saying, "There's no good Nigger, but a Dead Nigger." My family hated Blacks, Jews, and anyone not considered like us - some still do. I left my family and joined the military and in the military I began to think for myself and came to the realization that what I grew up believing was not the truth. For example, I was taught that the black man came to exist because Cain killed Abel and Cain was cast out. Since Cain had no one to mate with he had no choice but to mate with Monkeys - Hence the Black Race. How stupid is that. Yet I believed. Ever Since, I will stand up and fight for ANYONE I feel is being persecuted unduly. If my own brother, who is still prejudice against anyone not white, was to burn a cross in a black persons yard and I knew about it - I would go and stand up against my own brother because he is wrong. But I am also ex-military and ex-Don't take shit off anyone. If you come up to me and slap me in the face, I'm going to slap you back. Peace only goes so far, if the other person doesn't want it, then you have NO CHOICE but to fight back and although I hate 'collateral damage' read your History books it has always occurred. The difference today is some people do their best to avoid it and others do not. Please don't try to convince me Hezbollah does their best to avoid it.............. That is so totally laughable especialialy when they are using bombs they have no idea where they will land. How ironic Israel is the only country held accountable for the damage they do.......

Anonymous said...

To Mr and Mrs USA,
I am sad to see the husband come in and start making such crude comments, I am sure I am making myself a target saying this...you really aren't anymore special then the rest of us because your ancestors were mayors and your kind of retorect makes people hate us, and yes I know you were trying to let it be know you are not 'a Jew' but simply stating that you're not jewish would have done that with out the braggin' of your relations to important americans. I am a uneducated country housewife in northern california and I think we have no Idea what it is like to have bombs kill are children parents friends and families.

Anonymous said...

So, Mrs. USA, which one of the kids in those pictures slapped you? And how long has your husband had this obsession with butt fucking?

lleile said...

To Mr & Mrs USA
you are both 2 uneducated , beligerate Idiots.Your Language is Proof of where you come from,the Gutter. Seldom I have red so much bullshit .
God save the USA from Idiots such as you !

lleile said...

....and by the Way who cares where your Husbands Diaper was changed and who your Ancestors were, what matters is that both of you are deluxe"wonne-be`s" basking in the glory of others long gone , my God People such as you make me sick,wake up and be yourselfs.

Mr USA said...

LLEILE - At least we both make each other sick. By the way the word is 'read' not 'red'. Maybe you should go back to school until your indoctrination is complete. God has nothing to do with it. You are a fool. Science is the real truth. Your Muslim terrorist brothers are learning this slowly (the only way they can learn). Science drives the progress of military weapons the same as it drives the progress of intellectual advancement. The very fact that you allow a religion to dictate your thoughts and beliefs makes you a fool and a gullible moron. Science is the true light and any attempt to use a 'magical' being to explain what you cannot is just brainwashing. The evidence cannot be ignored.

Muslims who die for their 72 virgins are the dumbest bastards on the planet.

Looking forward to your clan surrendering to the Israeli Armed Forces.

Mrs. USA said...

lleile and anonymous - I never said I was any better than anyone else and I most certainly wasn't bragging. If I was I wouldn't have said anything about my Grandfather being in the KKK, as this is certainly not something I am proud of. What I was trying to establish is the fact that I am not Jewish and that my family roots in America are long. I used names you would recognize so you would have an idea of the people I come from and could stop assuming. Had I wanted to brag I would have mentioned my royal connections and a few inventors without whom some of your modern conveniences wouldn't be possible. I should have realized people such as yourself would turn it around to mean something else. You put blinders on and see only one side - your side. As for which kid in the picture slapped me - none - and I'm sure none of them slapped any Israeli's. But unlike the rest of you I realize that for every dead Lebanon child picture there is also a dead Israeli child. Which of these Israeli children slapped the rest of you?

lleile said...

Mrs ,USA..
I dont know what you are trying to accomplish by stating your ( and your Husbands ) Ancestory..dont you realize that NO ONE gives a damn where you come from , this is not a research Program about Geneology .By any means get REAL ,have compassion for others, become the Christian to trying to be, and dont be such an "wonna-be" !
By the way ..MRS. USA for a "LADY" of what you call "ELITE /Royalty(puke!)you h ave used very defined Gutter language.

lleile said...

Mrs.USA .. when will you realize that NO ONE cares about your Ancestors and what they have done.
By the way you most have had excellent upbringing ,your Gutter-Language speaks of it !
Concentrate on Humanity and World Peace ,if you are able to understand the meaning of that.

lleile said...

Mr USA you are even a larger Idiot then first assumed you both are bragging Fools!YOU need to wake up and face Reality!

By the way red = past tense of read ..as in having red *** so spare me your Lectures , du bloedmann

lleile said...

To all others: I`m sorry that i respond in such a way to the 2 USa`a, but my Patience is wearing thin towards such Logic and Language when there is so much suffering going on.

USA said...

lleile, You truly need to go back to school and get some education, since you don't seem to have a grasp of the English language.

Red is a color.

See the website: http://www.wordreference.com/definition/read

For the verb: "to read"

Simple Past: read
Past Participle: read

Had I known I was trying to converse with someone with a 4th grade education, I wouldn't have challenged your mind so. Don't worry I won't bother your little pea brain again, idiots like you aren't worth my time.

Adapted From: WordNet 2.0 Copyright 2003 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

A noun
1 read

something that is read; "the article was a very good read"
Category Tree:
╚object; physical object
╚artifact; artefact
╚product; production
╚work; piece of work
B verb
1 understand, read, interpret, translate

make sense of a language; "She understands French"; "Can you read Greek?"
Category Tree:
╚understand, read, interpret, translate
2 learn, study, read, take

be a student of a certain subject; "She is reading for the bar exam"

3 read

to hear and understand; "I read you loud and clear!"
Category Tree:
4 take, read

interpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression; "I read this address as a satire"; "How should I take this message?"; "You can't take credit for this!"
Category Tree:
╚interpret; construe; see
╚take, read
╚misread; misinterpret
5 read

interpret something that is written or printed; "read the advertisement"; "Have you read Salman Rushdie?"
Category Tree:
╚interpret; construe; see
╚lipread; lip-read; speech-read
╚skim; skim over
╚decipher; trace
╚spell out
╚dip into
╚anagram; anagrammatize; anagrammatise
6 read

look at, interpret, and say out loud something that is written or printed; "The King will read the proclamation at noon"
Category Tree:
act; move
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╚talk; speak; utter; mouth; verbalize; verbalise
7 read

interpret the significance of, as of palms, tea leaves, intestines, the sky, etc.; also of human behavior; "She read the sky and predicted rain"; "I can't read his strange behavior"; "The gypsy read his fate in the crystal ball"
Category Tree:
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8 read, scan

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Category Tree:
╚interpret; construe; see
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9 read, register, show, record

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Look up "read" at Merriam-Webster
Look up "read" at dictionary.com

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"Shall I read???"="Should I read???"
Read or Reading
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Important Announcements: PLEASE READ
How to read dates
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How to read '1 May'?
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Amounted To a Read-My-Lips Statement
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PLEASE READ this before posting in any forum
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reaction propulsion
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lleile said...

Herr USA..I will respond one more Time to your Bullshit..have you got nothing else to do then use up space on this Blog to lecture, ?you are pitiful ! go drink a little "southern comfort" !!
And Yes I`m familier with Rushdie, "How Rushdie fooled the West" by Ahmeed Deedat.
Ausserdem glaube ich nicht dass sie eine andere Sprache sprechen wie "bigot" english, manchesmal ist Bildung nicht genug, ich stelle fest dass sie ein Angeber und ein rechthaberischer Mensch sind ,und das auf allen Gebieten.
Now you can go to a Translation Page, or back to school.... FINI !!

Anonymous said...

Terrible such destruction my heart hurts when i see these Pictures,i pray for you, stay safe.

USA said...

Entschuldigen Sie bitte Scheißekopf ich nein nicht so dumm wie Sie bin.

Parlez-vous français?

Cómo sobre español?

I'm happy to call you any idiot in any language you wish.

lleile said...

Too bad that this is all you can do, bloedes Geschwafel sonst nix.!

Und jetzt ist entgueltig Schluss damit du Bloedmann, Aus ,Finito Basta ..capish..

Darthiir the Abban said...

People are so blind that they cannot understand the obvious. Terrorism can be stopped only when they set people free. Politicians know that this will result in loosing control and power, thus they misslead people to believe otherwise.

Even in the real world, the fact that Hezbolah kills inocent israeli (who in fact are not so inocent, as they support the actions of their goverment) "justifies" action against Hezbolah but not against Lebanon. Killing sivilians in order to destroy a terrorist group is unacceptable. This sould be pointed out to all the fasist goverments, including USA, UK and Israeli.

Anonymous said...

I find myself disgusted to be an American and ashamed. Israel is engaged in war crimes in violation of the Geneva Convention. it is unlawful to punish a civillian population in order to achieve a miltary victory. Also, the use of chemical agents, i.e. white phosphorous is forbidden in civillian areas. Israel, like the US, is now a rogue state grasping for straws. The thing that is even more annoting is this exact same battle was fought in 1982. Israel and the US were pushed out then. They will be again. Not only is this immoral and a violation of the basic tennants of humanity, it is a fool's errand and simply idiotic.

America, Fuck Yeah....

Anonymous said...

While I'm at it, terrorism or guerilla warfare is a military tactic deployed by an inferior military force against a larger more powerful one. Since this method of warfare, which is predicted in Sun Tzu's The Art of War, is not fought against standing armies and soldiers, but against small units operating independently against a localized threat, it cannot be defeated by a standing army. It amazes me that Americans and Israelis are so stupid and arrogant to believe that this time, out of all the similar situations in history, will be different.

If you want to defeat terrorism and the guerillasm, the battle is fought in the mind. Not on the battlefield. Adress the primary causes and events which led to the creation of such organizations.

Israel is in violation of UN Resolutions 242 and 338, both which clearly state that for a lasting peace in the region, Israel must withdraw from all territories siezed in war. this would include the Golan Heights, the West bank, Gaza strip, and other Palestinian territories they have taken or settled illegally.

For peace to be achieved, Israel need simply do the very things it agreed to in the past and is required to by binding international law.

America, Fuck Yeah

Anonymous said...

I recognize these pictures. They are from SYRIA.


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