16 July 2006

Far Beyond Collective Punishment. Lebanon: Collective Death & Lies

Copy-paste from Jamal's blog:

Angry Olmert Day 5

The Israeli propaganda machine is trying to paint this war as an Islamists war on Jews. Playing the anti-semitism card is always the way out for Israel when they have nothing else to legitimize their killing machine. Especially after their terrorism card stopped being effective considering the only terrorism being practiced currently is that of the Israeli Air Force on Millions of Lebanese civilians.

But let us look a little more into that claim.

Islamist resistance movements are only new comers to the picture. Long before Hezbollah and Hamas, Israeli oppression of Palestinians and Lebanese created many resistance movements. None of them were Islamist. The initial wave of resistance was leftist and secular. Israel’s destruction of these movements aided the rise in Islamist movements. Israel preferred dealing with Islamists because waging a war on “religious wackos” would be an easier sell for their PR machine. The invasions of Lebanon in 1978 and 1982 were before Hezbollah even existed. Comatose Sharon’s claim to fame in Sabra and Shatila was one of the reasons Hezbollah started appealing to the populace. That was in 1983 long after 1948 and 1967 when Islamism was nowhere to be found.
We can thank Israeli policy for the rise in religious fanaticism in the region as its racist oppressive strategy since 1948 brought this upon us.

So when Israeli missiles blow up a bus of fleeing civilians and their spokespeople claim that "religious anti-semitic wackos" were hiding under the bus, they are only trying to make their ethnic cleansing practices more acceptable to the western audience.

On to today's events, the sun is not visible in Beirut today, a cloud of smoke and dust fills the sky. The night was rough, the explosions are getting louder and more frequent. Personally, I got used to it and I slept through it. A lot of families are sleeping huddled in open areas in different areas of Beirut. Schools are packed with people left homeless by Olmert's war. Olmert is trying to earn his stripes. Right now the only stripes he has earned are of a frustrated killer.

Hezbollah hit Haifa's port, oil refinery, and train station this morning, so expect Israel to retaliate by bombing another bus full of fleeing families since they already bombed all of our ports and oil refineries.

More later...


Anonymous said...

No, expect Israel to retaliate by doing everything to eliminate Hezbollah forces, and thus, finally, helping Lebanon to get rid of this cancer.

Just remember, Lebanon attacked Israel. See how all the leaders of the world are saying the same.

The free world is standing today behind Israel, including many Arab states.

Anarchistian said...

Bashir, are you and your family safe? I am sorry about what happened in Harat Hreik. :(

I wish all this madness would come to an end!! How many lives have been destroyed!! :(((

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is clearly smoking crack.

I am eternally grateful for the Internet.

In 1982, all we could do was huddle together and watch CNN and pray. Late night phone calls made my heart ache, I knew it was bound to be bad news, and yet at the same time, I was thankful for any news.

The Israelis disrupted mail coming from Lebanon, so many college students here were marooned without funds. Thankfully the Saudi government stepped in and provided stipends to cover the gap.

Today it's a new and level playing field. We can see with OUR OWN EYES what the Israelis are doing and what Hezbollah is doing and we can arrive at our own conclusions.

This time there is no way traditional media outlets can spin this disaster because there are people in Lebanon who can upload photos and commentary via blogs and other sources.

So don't think that anything you say, Anonymous, can be taken seriously, because we can see with our own eyes the path of intentional destruction you have waged.

The Zionists seek to hold all of Lebanon in a grip of terror so that they will crumble. Everyone knows what the Zionists are doing and aside from the Shrub and his ever-smaller group of allies, most other world leaders are not supporting Israel.

You cannot hide your misdeeds any longer. I for one will be happy to see your people go find a small uninhabited island far, far away and start over. You were never invited, you were never cooperative and today, you are surrounded on all sides by enemies.

El Al is ready when you are.

lleile said...

I have been watching and listening to all sides,understand that the Israelis have very modern Weapons i.e. GUIDED Missils .How come a "guided" Missiles aimed for Terror Targets fired on a Bus with Kids??.. this is and cant be accepted ! What is their Excuse?

Anonymous said...

Ziyad Makhoul, one of Beirut’s leading pro-Saudi infomercialists and a self-proclaimed “francophone intellectual” whatever that means has a surreal editorial in L’Orient-le-Jour, the newspaper of choice of Lebanon’s Fascist far right, who says the following after blaming Hezbollah for everything that has happened in the Middle-East in the past 5,000 years:

« … with, deep in [Olmert’s] heart, the other obsession of every Israeli government: to prevent the revival of its only rival in terms of tourism, intellect, democracy, investment, prosperity, attraction,…etc., to prevent it from muscling its feet [sic] and taking off»

Ah! The scales are finally falling off my eyes: these perfidious Pharisees are deliberately targeting the unrivaled talent of the glorious inventors of intellectual landmarks such as the alphabet, purple dye, and rosewater baklava- the secret of which has been fiercely guarded by Lebanon’s engineers since time immemorial…

We won’t let them have our baklavas!

Dr Abu Bahim Ab Rûti

I love Munich said...

Bashir, are you and your folks Ok?? I was sitting the whole afternoon looking CNN ... I just couldn't get away from it - I HAD to know what's going on! I have friends in Saida and didn't hear from them ... I have no idea what's going on with them! I can't reach them by phone ... they must have left - I just pray, they are still alive and well!! They have a baby and a five-year old ...

Some streets of Beirut look like Jenin after the horrid bombardement in 2002 ... there's no difference anymore.
I'm so sorry what happened in Harat Hreik .. it is all so terribly sad and I feel so terrible for all the people!
It seems to me, Olmert or rather Peretz were sucked into a massive destruction-vortex which MUST be stopped ... so many lives were destroyed already, so many people lost their homes, so very people are desperate and suffering!!

Lleile ... you have a GREAT question - there IS NO EXCUSE, it's as simple as that!!

Dr Abu Bahim Ab Ruti ... I LOVE your analysis!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you guys, from where I'm sitting, your views and prejudicial ideas looks really weird. Were did you get all of this. Is this what they've been teaching you?

Israel, with its aspiration for peace, withdrew from Lebanon. You've had a wonderful time. Then came this nasralala dude, and screws everything up for you.

What did you expect Israel to do? You simply chose the wrong opponent.

But history is history, and you hold the future in your hands. If you really believe in what you are saying, then the future looks pretty gloom for you, but if you wake up and understand that it is time for you to separate between politics and religion, between hatred and terrorist activities, you will see that your southern neighbor is a good neighbor. Nobody said you have to love Israel, but as intelligent people, you do understand that this should not prevent coexistence in peace.

But don't take my word. Listen to the world as a whole.
Give Israel the soldiers back, spread your legitimate troops on southern Lebanon, and make peace with Israel. It is time for Lebanon to truly join the free world.

Anonymous said...

What will be known to future generations as the second battle of the Saudi-Persian wars or “Hurûb Al Râfidah wal Hanâbilah” has just started.

Being highly flexible cynics, the Israelites have chosen to help simultaneously the Râfidah in Baghdad and the Hanâbilah in Beirut, thus ensuring that this will be a long, protracted conflict…

WeAreOne said...

Lebanon, O Lebanon-
Your streets fill with a mother's cry for her dead son, and fathers carry lifeless bodies that moments ago were their proud daughters playing and smiling.

Blood colors your streets, dust darkens your sky gray.
Buildings are destroyed, but they will not kill your soul.

This drives a fathers search for vengeance to the enemy that killed their children. If once a friend, now most certainly a foe.

Israel you call it self defense, but you fool no one, what you are doing is genocide and the greed that lives in you wants more land.
You forever are blamed for the death of Jesus Christ, you will not have GODs forgiveness. Look at your history and you will see GOD does not forgive you.
You destroy life that GOD has made to exist. You shake the hand of your brother and then stab him in the back. This is not self defense.

GOD knows the thruth and Sees all.

Unfortunately this will only stop when the American stock market starts to hurt, because more value is placed on a dollar than on a human life.
Had the market drop 1000 to 2000 points, Israel would have had to stop immediately.

This is not the road to PEACE, but the road to devastation.


lleile said...

And still no "other" Answer to my previous Question, is it that difficult to answer ??..and why is always the Issue "3 Soldiers"..and not 9000 Prisoners in Jails?

Would they be in Jail if Israel kept all their Agreements?

jooj said...


did you say your OWN home was destroyed? OMG! I am so sorry to hear that.

My heart and my mind go out to you

I love Munich said...

Bashir ... was indeed your own home among the countless destroyed?? I still hope it is NOT so but IF - God forbid - I am so terribly sorry!! My heart goes out to ALL of you - I feel so horrible ...
How is your wife holding up? Your child? I wish to GOD I could do ANYTHING to help ...

anonymous said...

Your home was destroyed and of course no one wishes such a thing on you, even if we disagree with 99% of your position. But ask your self the following questions if you want to reconcile why you are in this sad predicament...and be an honest spokesman for others who share the same plight.

Had the hezbollah not kidnapped the Israeli's, would your house be intact today. Would you and your family be safer? If you could go back in time, would you suggest that hezbollah kidnap two soldiers and ruin an otherwise peaceful existence? Do you care for the hundreds of imprisoned hezbollah in Israel so much that you would have given up your home and the safety of your family? Do you see equity in the acts commited by the imprisoned hezbollah fighters in Israel and the kidnapped ( during peace-time) soldiers and non-combattants by hezbollah? Was the kidnapping by hezbollah the cause of the unfortunate loss of our house, or is it still Israel who chose not to be on the receiving end of a terror organization that wishes they cease to exist?

I feel bad for anybody that loses their home and has their family and self in danger. I also feel that your comments and anger are misplaced and seemingly the result of an indoctrinated education rather than the result of rational lucid thinking.

Finally, I'd like you to recite for us when was the last time that the Israeli's put ball bearings into rockets so that they would purposely maximize suffering,casualties and death. And then let us know if they do it as a matter of practice. And then let us know when the Israeli's have kidnapped innocent pedestrians, severed their heads, and stood proud of their actions.

When you can self-educate yourself to draw distinctions between the factions at war here...you will be on the way to understanding why your house should be standing and your family should not be in fear for their safety.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, you are ill of hate, sectarism and zionist racism...

who you think you can trick with your propaganda ans all this gangster chantage? you really think anybody can beleieve that killing civilians intentionally, as israel is doing, can be presented as justificate and civilizate polític?

I'll want to express all support to lebanese and palestinian people in this days, I write from Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

I may be jewish, anonymous, but I don't write with hate or prejudice. I can even say that I'm sure that Israel, over many years, has been on the giving end of many atrocities. I can say that they are not infallible and still possess human beings as their lowest denominator.

What I refuse to do, however, is be tolerant of those that refuse to see beyond the black and white world that they live in. Again, I feel bad for anybody in need of a home, health, or safety for family members. Putting that aside, is that an excuse to misplace blame and have a skewed view of reality?

The host blogger is a symptom of the problem here. Were he at the helm of Lebanon or hezbollah, would you trust him to make competent decisions for the better of all mankind in the middle east? I think not. Placing blame for his situation on Israel rather than solely where it belongs, is a blaring sign that he is not capable of properly assessing the reality of his situation.

It's ok to feel bad for someone and wish them well, it's another to allow that person to be a purveyor of tripe and to allow the systematic indoctrination of others continue. He is spewing here what he has been taught, with little capacity for lucid examination.

If he truly wants to be a hero on moral high ground, I suggest he fight against the hezbollah that have destroyed his country. That's a stand worth taking. Being an anti-Israeili bigot is deflecting oneself of the ability to understand why he is in this current quagmire. I feel bad for him, but through his own words I have to feel that he is less qualified to speak on the matters at hand than those thousands of miles away who open their minds.

His pictures are relevatory, but only to a point. We see dead children and of course the blame goes to from whence the missiles came. There is no interest or capacity in understanding TRUTHFULLY why those children are dead.

Does he give any credence to the Israeli leaflet drops that warned the population to leave (get away from hezbollah offices/soldiers)? No, he does not. Because it's not a sure-fire way to remove the danger from civilians, it's not worth anything to him. When was the last time Israel's enemies have launched a leaflet campaign? When was the last time her enemies launched missiles and at least 'aimed' for non civilians? According to hezbollah, they did Israel a favor by avoiding fuel storage. But the rockets are too innacurate to do anything of the sort. Welcome to propaganda. Ur Shalim is a propegator of the same. Spin and skew so things fit into your cozy narrow thinking. Or wake up and accept reality.

Finally, you know that hezbollah has hid behind citizens. The world knows it...feel free to join. Unfortunately, Israel has no choice but to include some innocents to defeat this enemy. Affix blame where it belongs, not where you 'want' it to belong.

USA said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

wooow Anonymous..in the midst of Sorrow and Killings you are lecturing ,on who may be right and who may be not..and why the Children die..Reality Is NOW whats happening is NOW,..forget trying to reach for who is at fault and who is wearing a Halo , concentrate on Humanity..surly you have not forgotten your fellow Humans.

Anonymous said...

I guess, you are brainwashed Mr. USA. Like always, if the American public will know the truth, you will live in peace.
The scary part is your government is trying to understand why the rest of the world hate them! I wonder why!

Anonymous said...

Over Six millions Jews in America and mostly rich and powerful including but not limited to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, Silverstein who made a huge profit from World Trade Center destruction, jee wonder why? folks watch "Loose Change" 2nd Edition. You'll understand the conspiracy behind world trade center destruction. Many of my American friends saw it and it changed their mind. I am putting up the link, at least watch it if you can. Things will make sense I'm optimistic. Here's the link http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7218920724339766288&q=Loose+Change

Anonymous said...


khadijah said...

You assessment of the situation is bang on target. The Zionists are at it again....with Babylon US playing right along.

Anonymous said...

It is a outrage what is happening to Libanon...shame on the ones supporting Bush and hes " Croonies " Israel had lied so may times how can the sane Citizens of the World believe their Politicians -Ware-Mongers..
History has not thought them anything..

lleile said...

To the People of Lebanon.. I wish with all my Heart that I could do something to change the Situation for you, I see the Pictures on TV and cry for you..I`m ashamed for the US Goverment for allowing such Actions to transpire,words cant describe my Anger but please do hope for a better future

lleile said...

To the People of Lebanon.. I wish with all my Heart that I could do something to change the Situation for you, I see the Pictures on TV and cry for you..I`m ashamed for the US Goverment for allowing such Actions to transpire,words cant describe my Anger but please do hope for a better future

African-American Princess said...

Khadijah - Enough! You sound like you have been brain washed! If someone kidnapped your soldiers and dropped bombs on your country you would be ready to fight. In fact the extremists start fights when they strap bombs on their children’s bodies and target innocent citizens of anyone who doesn't have the same religious viewpoints as you. When the Twin Towers Fell in New York you were probably out in the streets jumping with the rest of those crazy radicals. The innocent people in those buildings did nothing to the Muslims. If you don't call that murderous I don't know what is. If you are mad at the US ior Israel then JUST try and leave the citizens alone and step up against the government. But you know what, I know you won't because you figure you can't beat our government so therefore you target innocent civilians, and if a child just so happens to die your still out in the streets jumping around like fools.

Israel has had enough. They are tired of this crap and gave Hizbollah what they asked for. I can't believe that you think it's fair that just because Hizbollah has been kidnapping Israeli soldiers for years and murdering them it would just continue. As you can see you are wrong. When you stop with the murdering of innocent citizens and learn how to talk diplomatically then maybe people would listen to you and even more respect you. You can't start something and expect nothing in return. This is common sense. You sound as if you are surprised that Israel has finally had enough. Hizbollah uses the citizens of Lebanon as sheilds, get it right!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand this WAR?
I am from the USA. I am sad from the photos I have seen, I pray for peace for all. It seems as your people have been at war since the begining of time. I feel so fortunate to be a American that my childeren are safe. I do not agree with all that my govenment does but I do live a life of freedom and saftey. Perhaps you should all lay your hatred and vengance to rest for your youth to have a better tomorrow. I pray for you and your soul. GOd will save you if you are worthy to be saved.

Anonymous said...

How can you blame your generations of war and killing on President Bush and we the American people?
You and yours have been at war since the beginning of time!
Just feel lucky it is not the USA giving you back what you have been giving for thousands of years! If it was up to me I would blow your dirty killing war monger ass off the face of this planet and make a parking lot of your discusting mess! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are a "true "humanitarien, with No compassion for others , I bet that you never set a Boot on forgein Soil in War time, so dont talk tall!

Anonymous said...

Please do not think that all Americans share the same view as the Pro-Bush war monger above. The majority of American's want peace not war. We feel for the Lebanese civilians and any other innocent victims in this war.Please do not think that all Americans share the same view as the Pro-Bush war monger above. The majority of American's want peace not war. We feel for the Lebanese civilians and any other innocent victims in this war on both sides. The bottom line is that GOD will have the last word, GOD’s WILL… will be done not yours and not mine.

God Bless and be safe.


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