13 July 2006

Can't Think of a Title

Referee Anan concluded that NassrAllah’s “goal” was an offside (tasalul). It was declared a foul and Hezbollah abdicated the trophy. The POW of the IOF were released.

Pipo the Pebble & his Papi were annoyed. NassrAllah & his team should have waited for the “bronzage” season to finish before acting naughty.

I have been following the news updates while trying to get my parents and young nephews out of way of the Israeli collective “punishment” policy.

Did anyone notice that there is no mention of the assassination of the two brothers in Saida last month by Mossad agents who were caught red handed. No referee cried foul then. US of A pressured Sanyoura & gov’t (no massage) to desist from protesting even to the UN. Not to mention the farmer and fisherman etc killed before. No one protested then.

But does anyone know the names of the TEN THOUSAND abductees in Israeli prisons.
Among them are women and children. Yes WOMEN and CHILDREN.

And no, a GIRL who is 14 yrs old is NOT a WOMAN between the age of 14 and 20, even if big news media and the US Army say so.

What does Condy mean when she says Syria should exert her influence in Lebanon, and Israel should exert restraint.

Okay, I have to go back to check, on my family.


I love Munich said...

Bashir - what's going on, horrifies me! You live close to the airport? BY GOD WATCH YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES!!!

I have never heard of two brothers having been killed a month ago by Mossad-agents ... no media proadcasted that, at least to the best of MY knowledge!
Farmer? Fishermen? Never heard a word! How on earth is that possible??
I DO know though about 10,000 Palestinian prisoners (so-called security-prisoners) ... many or MOST of them without trial, lawyer and any possibility to see relatives. Is is nothing short of a scandal of horriffic proportions but nobody looks, nobody says a word - everbody clamps the tail between his/her hind legs and shuts up! IT DISGUSTS ME!!!

Condy? Who at all is this Condy? A top-intelligent (I don't take anything away from here) woman who became Secretary of State "by the grace of George W." but lives in her own world, totally detached from reality and people!! Why doesn't she go to Iraq, NOT to the safe-areas but to a family who lost everything, to a school, kindergarden .. talk with other women and LISTEN?? Or to Gaza ... I'd send her to Mona, Dr. Mona alFarra: http://fromgaza.blogspot.com/

... to walk around with her, to look at what this killing-machine did WITH THEIR APPROVAL - OR to Dr. Eyad el-Sarraj who's the Strip's only psychiatrist! Because she's a COWARD, a CHICKEN who can't face the REAL truth!!

Bashir, PLEASE WATCH YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES!! Do you have children? IF - how old?
I'll pray for your and your family's safety!! Please keep on telling us what's going on! I'll give your link to some friends!

a h m a d said...

Media is very good at distorting facts. And we are left to face the tyranny of Israel while the world is picturing it as a self defense.

shareef al-dirzi said...

oh yeah you're so good at being the supreme victims. poor you.

Anonymous said...

I sad to know that the world has not and will probably never learn to love each and live together with mutual respect everyone in this earth deserves it. Why can't people see that don't matter where you from we are the freaking same.
PEACE to us all

notorious said...

shareef al-dirzi ... plz can u tell me who exactly r u talkin about? plz reply

usaCHRISTIAN said...



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