24 July 2006

Breaking News, Breaking Mirkava.

Yesterday Israel announced that it has taken over the border village of Maroun El Ras. This morning it is breaking news that 6 of their tanks and 10 of their soldiers are dead and injured in Maroun El Ras. Israeli army is asking Israelis in the north to evacuate.

A little math I learned from the Israelis:
If we use the percentage of innocent Lebanese civilians (with respect to our total population) killed so far by the IDF and find out the equivalent number of American civilians for the same percentage the number will be: 25000. Yes twenty five thousand Americans.
Tell that to Bush and Rice.

An Israeli helicopter (Apache) has crashed in Maroun El Rass. Israel claims it hit an electric pole. Two soldiers dead, Two wounded.
The number of Israeli wounded in Maroun el Rass has raisen to 17.
Maroun el Rass is 20 meters (40 steps if you are walking normaly)away from the Lebanese Israeli border.
Rice is in Beirut.
Beirut's center is like one large military base with soldiers all around to protect and ensure Rice's safe visit.

Here is a sample of pictures of leading terrorists punished by the IDF.

Mahmoud Srour 8 years old.
Ali Gharib 8 years

Infant (nom de guerre)

Photos from Assafir


Greek said...

One thing I know for sure, is that if I was attacked on my home and had my loved ones killed, then I would eagerly blow myself out. Everyone of us would react this way. We would all become terrorists...
But the biggest terrorist of all is the one that creates them.

Anonymous said...

See that's the reason the West doesn't vlaue arab or middle eastern lives, because the arabs and middle easterners don't value their own. Blah blah everyone's ready to blow themselvs up for any real or imagined affront. How can you care if they don't care? Be matyrs all you want, then the real world will be more peaceful. Pick a big open field and martyr yourself, enjoy your 12 virgins or what ever you believe is waiting. The rest of us will enjoy the real world as you imagine your fantasies.

PeaceNow said...

Ms. Rice does not have children which is obvious whenever she speaks of halting the violence on both sides of this issue. She seems to take a detached view of things as children and other family members lose their lives in a blood shedding which seems to have no pity on either side.

Ms. Rice appears to be one of the most (if not the most) inept diplomat I've seen in my lengthy lifetime. She was no where as "security adviser" before the 9/11 attacks despite an intelligence assessment that "Bin Laden determined to strike inside the United States". Interesting...

So I don't hold much hope for all parties in this conflict for a prompt and competent response from my government. Remember we couldn't even count on such when we were hit by Katrina with its attending loss of life.

khadijah said...

Thanks for the REAL news

Antonio Brito from Brazil said...

Please don´t use IDF Israel Defense Army, is not one defense, it is Israel Army nothing anymore

Anonymous said...

Hey Bashir! Good to see you are ok. you and your brothers and sisters hang in there. It's gone on too long. What a misleading media we have here. I can't imagine how your people must feel.
You are in our prayers. salem

I love Munich said...

It hurts me to the bone to see these poor children!! It is one thing to see an adult suffer .. that is bad enough - but to see childrem in that state - is killing me! I'm a mom myself .. I just want to reach out ... GOSH it makes me feel so helpless!

May all those guilty get the just punishment, may they go to hell!!

Abu Lanjri Al Farrân said...

"You will see a new Middle East in the way of Hizbullah and Islam, not in the way of Rice and Israel." [H. Safieeddin, Teheran-based Hezbollah lunatic]

"Arabs are fleeing from Jaffa and Haifa. Bedouin are fleeing from the Sharon. Most are seeking [to join up]with members of their family. Villagers are returning to their villages. Leaders are also in flight, most of them are taking their families to Nablus, Nazareth. The Bedouins are moving to Arab areas. According to our 'friends' [advisors], every response to our dealing a hard blow at the Arabs with many casualties is a blessing. This will increase the Arabs' fear and external help for the Arabs will be ineffective. To what extent will stopping transportation cramp the Arabs? The fellahin [peasants] won't suffer, but city dwellers will. The country dwellers don't want to join the disturbances, unless dragged in by force. A vigorous response will strengthen the refusal of the peasants to participate in the battle. Josh Palmon [an advisor to Ben-Gurion on Arab affairs] thinks that Haifa and Jaffa will be evacuated [by the Arabs] because of hunger [D. Ben-Gurion, First Israeli Fuhrer]

“First law: Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless an outside force acts upon them; Second law: The rate of change of the momentum of a body is directly proportional to the net force acting on it, and the direction of the change in momentum takes place in the direction of the net force; Third law: To every action (force applied) there is an equal but opposite reaction (equal force applied in the opposite direction)” [Isaac Newton, famous closet Arianist with a weirdly Semitic name- no pun intended]

Anonymous said...

Bashir, I think the world's opinion of Israel may be changing, and certainly the longer they wage war the worse they look.

And believe me, Rice is the most embarrassing individual possible to serve as a representative of the US. I am ashamed of her. Seeing her on TV, smiling that huge Prozac smile, vacant-eyed and w/ her designer eyeglasses stuck on her head, it was if she was attending the opening of a hair salon. She was out of place and it looked awful.

As I started before, I do believe that gradually Israel will permanently lose any vestige of respect anyone mistakenly had for it. I agree with Iran's president that they should all be relocated.

Their pseudo-persecution complex has gotten them in a bad place. I read about young Israeli soldiers anxious about combat and I have to laugh---so fucking what? El Al is ready when they are!

Nick Fulton said...

Thanks for providing us with the real story. Even the New Zealand media have failed miserably to do that.It's pictures and stories like yours that must be seen and heard.
Unfortuanately it seems like a large portion of the American public are still happy to sit back and view this conflict as entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I`m furious ,that the US has proved (again) that fair Negotiations cant be reached.Israel still has the ultimate ' card blanc ' from the US ,I agree the average american is totally brainwashed ( fox news will see to that) !

No ,I did not vote for that Idiot Bush !!

Furious in USA

Oneperson said...

I struggle to understand why the concept of a multi-cultural, religiously diversified world is so difficult to achieve.

May the world know true peace and freedom in my lifetime.

By the way...I found an interesting site tonight. It presented a perspective I have never before seen or heard of.


Peace to all

morteza said...

Thank you for your blog
I have been saddened and dismayed by the events of last few weeks

please watch this video that I put together

Thanks Morteza

lotusnpearls said...


I do hope that you are able to recover the photographs of your brother. I was sorry to read about his passing. May he rest in peace. From God have we come from, and to him shall we return. I also lost a brother 3 years ago.

Just to let you know that in Canada they are not showing the horrific images I have come across on the web. If Canadians see them they are going to get very upset.

Today, on the BBC report I finally saw some individual stories of people fleeing and the chaos. It was heart breaking. And these were stories about those trying to get on boats to leave Lebanon. One mother's two young sons were left on the pier while she left on the boat. She was screaming at the soldier. The boys were left behind. Another father was yelling for his newborn babe who was accidentally on the boat and it was leaving. Eventually they give him back the child and they were also left behind. One grandmother left with her 2 grandchildren while her husband was left behind to care for his elderly mother. Just utter CHAOS and sadness.

And finally Condi. What the heck is up with her? She has her sunglasses on top of her head.....Is she there for a holiday or to stop the war?.....She seems so casual about what is going on. Plus it seems that she is heavily protected and she will not see the carnage and destruction around her. She should ask for a tour.

.....Eyes don't see, heart don't burn.
And Jesus wept.......

On a final note, please check out these internet links: http://www.godsdirectcontact.org/?


The flyer is being distributed across the globe. Some folks had gone to Jordan, Israel, Brunei, Qatar(transit), Cairo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, etc. I would not want the Lebanese people to be deprived of this important message from a living Master even though you are at war. You deserve the same privilege and consideration.

Salaam and take care of yourself and family.

lotusnpearls said...


Hope that you get the chance to check out the above Internet links.

Muhamed said...

These pictures remind me of Bosnian children '92-'95. Back then world silently watched as Serbs were killing us and that is exactly what is happening now in Lebanon and for half a century in Palestine. My prayers are with you. May Allah give you strength to fight back and endure.
Selam from Bosnia

SammyJames said...

CNN showed us the picture of that poor little boy. I cried when I saw it. It made me hate Israel. A LOT. They are using Phosphorous in their bombs. That is illegal, and they should be punished severely for it. Please, please, please punish them. Please teach them a lesson. They need it.

Not all Americans agree with this extermination of Lebanese people. Not all of us are satanic assholes who want the blood of Arabs.

I have pledged my support to your country, and to your cause. Please keep fighting. Don't let them win.

Thank you.

- Sammy

lotusnpearls said...

Don't hate Israel.

Learn to LOVE YOUR ENEMY. You have to learn to love them and FORGIVE them.

Remember what Jesus(OWBP) said:


So little time, so many lessons to be learned.

In GOD we trust.

Anonymous said...

IT IS a crime to use Phosphor on Humans! The pictures of these children break my Heart,
Israel you are shamless attacking Civiliens/Children is against the Geneva Convention ,but then again since when do you respect/abide International Rules ; I feel very helpless and I`m very ashamed of the US Gov, for allowing this War and these crimes to happen.

Mad in usa

Anonymous said...

....Mad as hell in usa !!!!!!

PeaceNow said...

I'm sorry but I've just heard a number of commentaries by Israelis officials and God help me, they sounded like what Nazi propagandist as the rationalized their behavior and atrocities.

Have the Israelis become Nazis?

God bring us peace, there is no just reason for this conflagration.

Copernicus said...

Ms. Condoleezzaa Rice was the Provost at Stanford Univeristy, where I was a Visiting Professor. She waged unremitting war against minority workers - especially from the lower echelons (e.g. cleaners, janitors, etc.)

Many at Stanford thought she suffers deep seated racism considering all blacks, latinos (and Arabs too) as inferior beings. She holds the belief that if we teach them they may become human beings in a few hundred, or may be thousands of years.

Wearing her glasses over her head is a well-intentioned expression of disrespect to Lebanese leaders she met, just like wearing a MINI SKIRT when she met with Husny Mubarak - it almost killed the bugger, since he cannot see well either!

Ms. Rice is an evil and ungrateful woman who hates herself and hence her race.

Khaled El-Bizri
San Francisco, USA.


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