28 July 2006

Bint Jubeil Did Not Fall

Lebanese health minister declared that 600 is the number of civilian casualties due to the Israeli aggression. All civilians. Children, mothers, fathers and old folks. This is equivalent to 45000 American citizens considering the population of Lebanon.

Israel is still not able to take control of the village of Maroun al Rass which is a few steps from the borders.

Yesterday Bint Jubeil fell according to IDF/IOF/IF. Today we know Israel lied. They could not enter BJ. They destroyed it from way up in the sky. But very tough resistance kept them out. An ambush killed 9 of their elite soldiers and injured more than 25 when they tried to enter BJ. The generals of Israel decided to decrease their infantry incursions and go back to using the F-16.

More than 50 Israelis have died [as declared by Israel] so far as a result of Olmert’s adventure. 33 of them were officers and soldiers according to the Israelis.

My neighbor finally answered my phone call. He is okay. It wasn’t the Hachem gas station that is near my house that was bombed. It was another one further down. About one km. Hachem is a member of Lebanese parliament. He is a member of Aoun’s bloc. He has many gas stations. Four of them have been bombed so far. He must have done something terrible to anger Olmert. But the buildings I mentioned previously are gone.


I love Munich said...

Thank GOD you're alright!!
It was mentioned here as well, BJ fell and is firmly in the hand of the Israeli soldiers!
STAY SAFE Moussa ... we're with you!!

RoxieAmerica said...

When a group, no matter what group, religious zealot group or state government group chooses war, they deny peace. No cease fire will survive so long as any side is willing to choose war over peace. All groups and nations that support those groups or nations making war choose to support war instead of peace.

War does not bring peace, unless one side wipes out the other, or the other eventually can no longer fight and surrenders. So long as nations teach hate of neighboring nations war will be the result. This is the 16th day of the Hezballah-Israel war. When Hezballah chose to take two Israelie soldiers, they chose war and not peace. When Israel chose to send troups into Lebanon, they choose war. War brings destruction, and always brings about death of civilians. Any nation supporting Hezballah is supporting the continuation of war. Any nation supporting Israel is supporting continuation of war. When nations and groups begin to support other groups and nations in war, such is making of world war. If world war comes, so too will nuclear war. nuclear war will do far more damage to the earth than the world will be able live with after the radioactive dust settles.

If war solved "terrorism," a world that carries no agreed upon meaning, then Lebanon would be the most peaceful place on earth today, but war has not, and will not destroy "terrorism." The world is at a cross-roads: They may choose peace, or they may move to the next world war. No cease fire will bring peace. Peace only comes about when groups and/or nations wish to agree to quit fighting. Until both sides are willing to work as hard at peace as they are at war, there will be no peace.

Those who wish to complain about deaths as a result of war need to quit blaming ONE side. War takes TWO sides. Ending war takes TWO sides. While the death of civilians in horrible, and the destruction of cities is horrible, this is all a direct result of BOTH SIDES choosing war instead of choosing peace.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to believe that the massaker is still going on; with the approval of the usa .How can Bush and Co. watch the Horror on TV and not have compassion for the People.
All this for Money and Power, it is very shameful to pay Taxes for this purpose .
mad in usa

Oren from Israel said...

There is no massacre in Bint Jbell. There is a battle between two armed forces.
As strange and unbelievable as it sounds, the gratest benefactor of this fight is the sovereign state of Lebanon who is, literally, dying to get read of Hizbolla.
Keep hanging in man.

Anonymous said...

It is still hard to believe that the World is watching and dont/cant do anything also difficult is to understand that Israel with 3 Pages of Un Violations still has the upper hand This feeding the Beast .

To all of you stay safe,


Anonymous said...

Israel always lies. They are egotistical arrogant pricks. When I visited Israel, I could not wait to leave.

They can be very ignorant as well. My guide kept telling me Christians had no right to any of the Holy Land because they don't believe in the old testament.

After spending a few days in Israel, my thought was, "They clearly bring a lot of the terror on themselves by their attitude"

Maybe this sounds like I am bias, but I am not. The trip I took that year included Lebanon, Turkey & Israel. After being treated wonderfully by both the Lebanonese and Turks, I was insulted and mad at the way I was treated by the Isralies.

Unfortunately, their money is power in the US. I, too, can't believe W is sitting by watching this happen. He seems to like conflict and has a grandeose idea that this war will end terrorism. He is so very wrong. So wrong. All he is doing is allowing the destruction of a beautiful country and the beautiful people who live there.

If Iran becomes more involved, they will only treat Lebanon like a pawn.

All we can do is pray.

Anonymous said...

yes I agree.lots of Zionists are very arrogant , perhaps W has lost his little Mind and does not see the potencial danger which may lay ahead.
He should have educated himself about the History of the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you write: I, too, can't believe W is sitting by watching this happen.

You must remember, "W" is the war president. He's got nothing but war on his mind! I don't think we can expect little else from him.

pierre/Candide's Notebooks said...

Moussa... and thoise of you who are interested, the Wall Street Journal this morning publishes a story about the bombing and banning of Al-Manar TV. I just posted the piece at

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Believe it or not, this leading Israeli theologian claims “Hachem” is some kind of God!
Go figure…

I’ll never understand our southern neighbors!

Anonymous said...

just a lttl information 4 whoz tellin inno all lebanon wants the mukawame off ...its just wut the usa is tryin 2 achieve which is showin the world tht lebanese maba2a baddon l 7ezeb... n just luk around ..mrs ''rice'' wen came 2 lebanon made it on purpose lettin the whole world c the lebanese holly rulers sittin eatin wth her.. the same person tht has been men se3a bas refusing inno ywa2fo 2etla2 nnar..!! so wut kind of lebanese w wut kind of opinions li ma baddon any mukawame ???li sein ther country bleedin n havin lunch with the rulers of tht whole war???anyways..tht was a crush.. w irsail n usa wer both kinda ''nba5a3o'' coz they expected sum othr reation men lebanese people inno sumhow y2umo all agnst mukawame wel 7ezeb ..w laman they ddnt c tht happenin theyr continuin..anyway take care Mr moussa n just decrease ur visits 3a ur home .. 3ashen urs is near mine w its not safe anymore .. just take gud care of urself.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at some of the European Papers. Out rage everywhere, Germany is withdrawing their UN troops from the outposts.
Israel is quoted as arrgogant , the UN spineless with to much pressure from the US and no European country wants to send their troops to fight this mad dog who recieves the support from the US .
The UN needs to re-group and become independent otherwise there is no need for them.

I hope that the Author and his family of this Blog is and stays well, my thoughts are with the People of Libanon.
mad in usa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Again, I am glad to read your post and it reassures those of us far away who care about you and Lebanon.

Please keep strong and know we continue to pray for you.

Oliver said...

I definitely don’t have a patent solution for the situation presently shaking the Middle East region, but I believe in peace and justice. I thought our western nations are also dedicated to the same idea and are committed to promoting these ideals throughout the world by the means of diplomacy. Does this only count when the opposition is strong enough to defend itself?
How can a country which is supposedly part of the free world and dedicated to peace and the rule of law start a war on civilians using weapons like cluster bombs and phosphoric missiles?
How can it be, that the other free nations do not demand an immediate ceasefire and the leading nation even oppose it? All the hopes and dreams of the younger generation in Lebanon have been destroyed along with their homes and the local infrastructure.
The older generations have lived through this type of conflict before and surely must be very disappointed and angry, after their efforts in building up their country and reaching political stability after years of conflict are destroyed in a matter of days. Do our leaders really expect young and old to believe in democracy when they are just left to suffer and die, while the free nations can’t even agree on a resolution calling for an end to the bombardment. I am very disappointed as a free citizen because Lebanon had only just started a process in the right direction. This war will probably help Hezbollah more than anyone else and it certainly won’t convince people in the Middle East to believe in our friendship. I wonder if the USA would show more commitment if Lebanon were a major oil producing nation. They are certainly right up in front and taking quite a bashing in Iraq, where as in Lebanon they only have to convince the Israeli Gov. to stop the war. The western countries need to let Israel know that this is not an acceptable approach to the problem. There is no justification for the way that they have destroyed this country. Hezbollah can not be stopped through violence, this is just what they have been waiting for, this way they see their point of view confirmed. Only lasting peace and prosperity can convince people that life has more to offer than armed conflict and fanatic religious ideals. And even peace and prosperity may take a generation or two before people realize there is something worth living for. In Gaza, I am sure many people have nothing to lose and therefore life means less to them than to others. When you are being occupied and don’t even have a nation to call your own how can you be expected to respect the life and possessions of those who are occupying your territory. These people need something to live for and then maybe the moderate fractions given time and support may convince the majority. There needs to be more realism in dealing with the Palestinians and their way of resistance and there also needs to be more compromise on the territorial question. Israel can’t expect peace and keep it all at the same time. In southern Lebanon there are Palestinian refugees who have been living in camps for decades, when do they become first class citizens of a Palestine Nation? I am sure that this war has set back any process towards peace in the region for years, maybe even a decade or two. We need to get our governments to demand an end to this war now and then start serious committed and unconditional diplomacy. In the end I am sure Israel will have to give up some territory and let the Palestine people join in on global economics.

SammyJames said...

Hey Moussa:

Remember, not ALL Americans are scum-sucking schweinhunds who are hell-bent on eliminating Arabs from the world! I myself am a proud American, but I am probably Arab. (I believe that the Moors invaded Spain; on my mom's side, we believe that there are significant Moorish and Sephardic influences in our genes. Some of our family even believe that we may be part Basque... what a strange world in which I live.)

Anyway, please continue posting all of this stuff. I know that it must be excrutiatingly difficult for you. CNN and other American media has suddenly grown a couple of balls, and are currently showing a lot of the destruction in Lebanon. In fact, the weird thing was that just a few days ago, the lead story on CNN.com and on CNN TV, they actually showed (gasp!) babies in hospitals!!!

The irony here is that it made me want to vomit. "Happy" to see this story is absolutely ironic and a complete oxymoron. It's just that I was afraid that CNN would be showing a ton of footage of, you know -- kids in Haifa painting pictures and being "sad" that they couldn't go out to play or whatever.

In fairness, Fox in particular has shown some of that aforementioned Israeli footage. But I feel at least somewhat better knowing that many Americans are at least being exposed to the real horrors of this war.

What I fail to understand is how unsympathetic the Israelis are. They have been only 60 years in the Middle East, and yet they fail to understand that they themselves were victims of incredible and unbelieveable violence. What the Nazis did to them was unspeakable -- and yet, here they are, just over half-a-century afterwards, committing many of the same kinds of atrocities as their tormenters.

Maybe this is THEIR way of saying "fuck you." The only problem with it is that THEY ARE SURROUNDED ON ALL SIDES BY PEOPLE WHO FUCKING HATE THEM!!! And even though I may be part Jew, I disown that part of myself.

I hope that there is a solution. I just want to see people restored to their proper positions in the world.

Thank you.

- Sammy James
Boston, MA

notorious said...

mussa man am bak home, i decided fuck dis shit, ama stay home no matter wut, btw the exams r in 10 days.... is bcs open? i took some very expressing photos from a village called sh7eem, i spent a coupla days there until the bombed it, been tryin 2 send em but the conx is fucked up, ama try to post them in my space and u could take em from there, take good care of aram and ur self n ur wife... we cant do shit but say take care huh, u knaw wut pisses me of the most, u cant even c the mutherfucker thats gona kill u, i mean if am gona b killed, id wana c the face of the peaca shit fucker whos gona do it

Anonymous said...

2wal shi kifak w neshala be5er sara7a meshte2 la 7akyetak w l elak neshala mara2et hal ousa 3ala 5er ana hala2 be america w yemken ra7 terte7 men 5ele2ti telmizak bil physics w be za3rani bassam w ana sar7a ktir fa5our eno enti estezi w 3am bet 7awel tewasel soutana lal 3alam be zaman el 3alam be3et damera w mounayi tekamel hik


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