05 June 2006

Ya Farhitna!! [Yuppie Yey Yeh!!]

Today we Lebanese are exhilarated beyond description.

Today we can say we have attained “al thafr al a3tham”, the mother of all victories.

NO, it is not because Minister Fatfat finally made up his mind about who spanked Sami Jumayyel’s delicate butt. We all knew from the beginning that Sheikh Sami is incapable of telling a lie.

And NO it is not because PM Sanioura hacked down those taxes that are eating up our monthly paychecks.

Electricity and water will NOT run continuously and smoothly, and secularism is still in a coma.

No not these. And not any other petite objective our not-down-to-earth minds harbor.

IT IS BECAUSE, after long and hectic deliberations and negotiations, our council of ministers, and our information minister managed to cut a deal to allow us to watch the WORLD CUP for free on our TV sets through our NOT-SO-LEGAL cable services.

YES, FREE HALF-LEGALIZED WORLD CUP right in your living rooms.

So stop whining everybody and prepare the popcorn and the um uh Pepsi cola.

Mark this day. Add it to the other glorious dates on our calendar.

colors by Amal



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