03 June 2006

This is the age of nothing in everything.” -Sabah


SammyJames said...
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SammyJames said...


Not sure how many Lebanese would know anything about American sports; I suspect that most of you are more interested in Germany vs. Italy, rather than the Red Sox vs. Yankees or the Patriots vs. Colts! But what I'm going to write might make some sense to you.

I practice a kind of wisdom, so I'm told. I base much of my understanding of current events on the law of averages. The law says that a tremendous imbalance will eventually be restored, some day.

In this case, I'm talking about how the Boston Red Sox spent 86 years without a single World-Series win. This was finally corrected in 2004, and since then Boston has had a GREAT Baseball team.

The story that I absolutely LOVE though is that of the New England Patriots. (For more history about the REAL New England Patriots, look up "American Revolution" on wikipedia.org... but anyway...) The football team were just the worst in the entire American Football Conference (AFC) and in fact in the entire league (the NFL) for many years. But in 2001, after the attacks on New York City, this team came back from the dead, so-to-speak, and won their first-ever NFL championship. Not satisfied with one win, they came back over the ensuing four years to win TWO MORE championships, and made football history.

I'm telling you all about this because it is important to remember that tremendous imbalances often, though not always, result in the pendulum swinging back very far. In your case, the best thing for you to do is to remember that justice will prevail. I cannot guarantee this, but it is incredibly likely that you will find some way to eradicate the poverty and violence that have marked the lives of so many Arabs, Persians, and Palestinians.

I had never paid much attention to sports, until 2001. After the New England Patriots won, I becamse a football fan, and I still love that team, no matter whether they win or lose. The same happened in 2003, after the Red Sox ALMOST won their first championship after close to a century. I never played sports in highschool either, because I have a medical condition that prevents me from playing contact sports.

I guess that maybe as I have gotten older, I have begun to understand more about life. Sports provide a good analogy for many things in life, but they aren't the only thing in life. Music, art, writing, and personal faith are all important too. I'm sure that many Lebanese are trying to find something to latch onto. I can't provide that for you, but I will say one final thing here:

One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. Freedom is not defined by white buildings with cornices. Freedom is the ability to control one's own mind.

Control your own mind. THAT is the key to real, lasting, freedom.


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