11 June 2006

"Stray Shells" on World Cup Eve

My father always told me that the truth of a piece of news is inversely proportional to how exaggerated it is. Or to put it in his words: “you know it is a lie by how big the shit [khiryeh] is.”

What was the Israeli line for the killing of children playing on the beach this past Friday? Their excuse ranged from: it is a part of the war against terrorism, to: we regularly bomb open spaces like these in Gaza to discourage Palestinian “terrorists” from using them as launching grounds for home made rockets, and not forgetting “the right to self defense”.

Open spaces in Gaza! Go research!

By the way, what was the official Israeli line after the Qana massacres? That was when more than a hundred Lebanese civilians including children, who took shelter at the UN compound, were killed by Israeli shells. Their excuse then also ranged from their right to self defense, their war against terrorism up to the one where Lebanese “terrorists” were blamed for using civilian shelters as launching pads for those wicked rockets. At that time the US officials, including President Clinton, waved the massacre by uttering this magical spell: “Israel has the right to defend itself.” This same “right to self defense for Israel [only]” was used today too when Huda was left an orphan after her entire family was wiped out.

Talking about the US, what was their explanation when three “inmates” at the Guantanamu prison facility were found dead today? It was: “The suicides of three detainees amount to acts of war” by the dead detainees against the US. And there is an even worse explanation: the suicide of three detainees is a "good PR move to draw attention."

The suicide of three men detained for five years with no hope for a trial and who have been on hunger strike for years now, is considered as a good public relations move.

Well I am moved! And so are my intestines.

How can you tell that these excuses are lies?

Because they are extremely large piles of shit.

Large enough to make an island that could have saved all the victims of the sinking Titanic.

Israel Score 7 on World Cup Eve

Stray Shell

photo(TV image from Ramatan News Agency via AFP/Getty/NYT)


John said...

Do you seriously believe that it was in the interest of the Israeli Army to target those civilians? If you do, then you should reconsider, using reason not your emotions. The Israeli interest is to deter the launch of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Another factor is the desire of the government to be seen to be doing "something" against this threat so that the public doesn't lose faith in its ability to defend them. The rockets launched from the Gaza Strip are causing a lot of people in nearby towns such as Sderot to consider leaving their homes. In addition, the rocket fire is giving credibility to all those who opposed the disengagement from the Gaza Strip, who argued that it would serve to embolden Palestinian militias (the fact that the sites of former settlements are being used by militant groups now does not help either). Now, none of these objectives, neither the Israeli government's aim to deter rocket launches, nor its desire to "look tough" are helped in any way by the tragic killing of the Ghali family. Killing terrorists makes for good news among the Israeli public. Killing innocents doesn't. That is why the Israeli Minister of Defence called off all artillery strikes on the Gaza Strip as soon as this incident was reported.

On another note, I challenge you to consider what would happen, hypothetically, if a rocket launched from a Palestinian refugee camp in ... let's say Syria ... were to fall within meters of the residence of the Syrian Minister of Defense, the way a Qassam rocket landed close to 3amir Peretz's house.

BTW, there are open spaces in the Gaza Strip. Gaza City may be extremely dense, but the sand dunes of Gaza are not big population centers.

Jamal said...

John, do you think it is in the best interest of a rapist to rape?
Is it in the best interest of a thief to steal? Is it in the best interest for killers to kill?

I am sure they calculate the PR repercussions before they commit their crimes.

"The rockets launched from the Gaza Strip are causing a lot of people in nearby towns such as Sderot to consider leaving their homes."

Well the Ghali family isn't considering leaving, they just left.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

I'm traveling abroad with slow/erratic internet connection...

I agree with Jamie: the truth is that Israelis be they "heartless Likudniks" or enlightened "progressive types" have absolutely no respect for the life of Ayyrabz.

In that, as in many other respects, they are truly the brothers in arms (or shall I say partners in crime?) of their friends and family at the Pentagon and the office of the Vice-President....

John said...

Oh, I see, you guys have it sooo figured out. The Israelis are just irredeemably EVIL people, and the actions of the Israeli military can be understood by their "vile nature" or, as the "doc" asserts, by their hatred of Arabs. Would you accept this kind of explanation if it were used to explain the motives of a Palestinian suicide bomber? Would you agree if I were to say that the Palestinians are a base, criminal people and that they act the way they do because of their .... "killer instinct"? I doubt it. So set aside your double standards and try a little harder to put yourself in the shoes of the other side.

ya Dr Victorino: 2ul li, 3omrak la2eyt waa7ad isra'ili? 3omrak kunt fi isra'il? kif biddak t3arif kull shey 3an al-isra'ilin?

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Ya Ustaz Yehiyah Agha Al 3ebristani as they surely would have called you in Bukhara circa 900 AD ;0)

I'm kind of at loss for words...
You're so blinded by your Pharisaic self-righteousness that you can't see the obvious: you're simply insensitive to the sufferings of others and want us to feel sympathy for your compatriots while their "glorious citizen soldiers" kill and wound innocent Palestinian civilians every day that Allah and Zeus make...

As long as the illegal occupation of Arab lands and the systematic persecution of Palestinian civilians goes on, there will never be peace in the Middle-East.

For the record, I have NO sympathy for Hamas and other Neo-Hambali Islamist fools...

The truth is that, to a large extent, Islamic terrorism is a by-product of Israel's ruthless foreign policy. But I'm digressing, and have no time to argue with you...

TBC later

Lazarus said...

good post ya bashir.

John said...

Well, I appreciate your effort to make an argument anyway, doc. And I certainly like the epiphet. Is it because of my acuity that you associate me with the sages of Bukhara? For the record, I'd like to state that I had no desire to deny the suffering of the innocent. Nothing in my comment suggests an attempt to deny the tragedy of the recent death of innocents in Gaza. On the other hand, I reject all your facile generalizations. It's plain silly to attribute the actions of one side in a (low-intensity) conflict to their alleged "hatred of Ayrabs".
يعطيك العافية

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Dear Hakham Yehiya Agha Al-Aspiring Mustashreq Al-Mustaghreb pun intended :0),

I was simply trying to open your eyes gnostic style: it's no good when you become too loyal to your Pharisaic bourgeois prejudice...

Let the scales fall off your eyes bro and free your mind or something!

"I found them all drunk; I found none of them thirsting, and my soul was afflicted for the sons of men; for they are blind in their heart, and they do not see that they came empty into the world, (and) empty they seek to leave the world again. But now they are drunk. When they have thrown off their wine, they will repent"
(Thomas, 28)

notorious said...

john, ina fight am sure u wouldnt kick the opponent in the balls, coz it wouldnt be considered a legal blow, but imagine some one broke in to ur house , with 2 guns, and starts raping ur wife, n u dont even have a switch blade, wouldnt u kick him in the balls if u have the chance? or will u keep on fightin clean? thats an example wich implies that islam terrorisim or wut ever the fuck u wana call it is simply a right to defened ur self, ur land, wen u r outpowered and outnumbered, now imagine after u kick him in the balls, he ties u up, and instead of taking it out on u, he takes it out on ur wife, beatin the fuk outa her... thats the way the isrealies responded... now imagine that, think deeply and truly about it, then answer ;)

notorious said...

btw bachir, u said to ask "wut" the last day, but u didnt show up, email me ur number plz, am really curious about this

usaCHRISTIAN said...



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