18 June 2006

Soccer, 'Shabablak' NiKoTeen, & the Truth

After the combo effect of Bremertz report and the capturing of the Mossad ring responsible for multiple assassinations over the past few years:

1.5 million Lebanese still strongly accept as true [ha2i2a] that the Syrian “regime” (not the people, mind you) are responsible for the murder of PM Rafic Hariri and everything else.

1.5 million Lebanese genuinely believe [as hakika] that the Mossad, its collaborators and its Israeli government were responsible for PM Rafic Hariri murder and everything else.

And while we are at it:

1.5 million Lebanese live in misery, poverty, depression and wretchedness.

50% of Lebanese youth are drug addicts.

More than 50% of Lebanese teen consume tobacco.

2.9 million Lebanese don’t give a damn.

8 million Brazilians are of Lebanese origin.

1.7 million Lebanese + 90% of politicians + PM Saniora support Brazil in the world cup.

A few cedars are crowding [3aj2in] the universe.

1 Lebanese knows nothing about soccer.


Anonymous said...

this is what is meant by 'ya sha3ba lobnan il3azim'

Sophia said...

The main issue that preoccupied me after visiting Lebanon last summer was that the country was depressing for its youths and nothing had changed in that regard since the beginning of the civil war which I witnessed at 17.

notorious said...

2 lebanese dun naw nothin about soccer, btw... inta ma 2rit my coment eh? tayib sajila abo el muss eh, ntorna 3a beib el madrasi la farjik :P i wana knaw the damn thing u told me u wana say man, dun teas me like dis

أمل said...

mish ma32oul inta ya rajol ... always reading my mind!!!!! :D

Bashir said...

Anonymous: 3azama 3ala 3azama

Sophia: It is true, nothing has changed, in fact, things are even worse with no hope in the near future. I say 'near' just so as not to sound to pessimistic, since 'ma adyak al 3aysh lawla fusha til amal'

Notorious: Check your email.

Amal: انها وحدة الروح

usaCHRISTIAN said...


2choosy said...

When will the middle-eastern people realize that the human race has to share (cohabitate) on this little tiny blue ball called earth. If this escalate into WWIII then we will have to merge and purge the region the way we did in Europe and Japan. So you better get it Right or get Ready.


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