23 June 2006

Mid East PS101 - Quiz I

Which country in the Middle East:

1- seized the sovereign territory of other nation by military force and continues to occupy it in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions?
2- is in defiance of 69 United Nations Security Council resolutions and has been protected from 29 more by U.S. vetoes?

3- created 762,000 refugees and refuses to allow them to return to their homes, farms and businesses?
4- was cited by Amnesty International for demolishing more than 4000 innocent civilian homes as a means of ethnic cleansing?

5- has recently used a weapon of mass destruction, a one-ton smart bomb, dropping it in the center of a highly populated area killing 15 civilians including 9 children?
6- routinely kills young children for throwing stones at armored vehicles, bulldozers, or tanks occupying their land?

7- regularly violates the Geneva Convention by imposing collective punishment on entire towns, villages, and camps, for the acts of a few, and even goes as far as demolishing entire villages while people are still in their homes?
8- preaches against hate yet builds a shrine and a memorial for a murderer who killed 29 civilians while they prayed?

9- has assassinated more than 100 political officials of its opponent in the last 2 years while killing hundreds of civilians in the process, including dozens of children?
10- routinely violates the international borders of another sovereign state with warplanes and artillery and naval gunfire?

11- deliberately targeted a U.N. camp in Qana, Lebanon and killed 103 innocent men, women, and especially children?
12- has for years sent assassins into other countries to kill its political enemies (a practice sometimes called exporting terrorism)?


أمل said...

Ummm ...


( Did I pass ? )

Anonymous said...

smart guess amal
Bashir,tough question,can u give options?

a h m a d said...

Yeah, giving options is good. And make no penalty for guessing.

notorious said...

bachir, i think if u go bak to the jewish idiology u could find answers for y they r doing this, 1 example is "min al furat 2ila el neel 2ardoki ya isra2il" and another is "isra2il sha3eb allah el moukhtar" and that we r all animals and the reason of us being is to serve them u knaw shit like that, but ... am sory to say this, day after day they r proving this, am really starting to think that they r sha3eb allah el moukhtar, coz a bunch of rejected assholes founded a fuckin country, considered a serious superpower, and 400 milyon of us idiots (not sure abt the number) cant do shit, and we surround them from every side, and have control of a big percentage of the worlds oil and oil reserve and of the worlds money and stil we dun do shit about it

Jamal said...

nothing to see here people, keep moving along, nothing to see.

ali said...

these things never happened...

Sophia said...

Humm that looks to me like AL-QAIDA !

Solomon2 said...


Dalulla said...

I really do not get it... how come no one gave a straight answer.. It is so damn obvious!!! Israel ofcourse, and they all know it, but i did not get the sarcasm in the comments herein!

usaCHRISTIAN said...



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