27 May 2006

Snips and Snippets

Pierre Tristam on the "Marines’ Haditha Massacre":

Of course the first line of defense, for those craven enough to defend atrocities just because Americans commit them, is to say that Iraqis do worse. And in fact the U.S. military, after lying about the massacre of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha last year, then lying about the number of Iraqis killed, then covering up the massacre…
All lies, of course. There were no insurgents hiding among civilians. There was no crossfire. The Marines weren’t defending themselves. They were out on a rampage, murdering at point-blank leisure, logding bullets in the heads of women and children, My Lai-style.

Les Politiques on "Compassion, Israeli style: Sending arms to Abbas" and "Being a victim: A political definition":

On the other hand, it is ironic that while blocking financial aid to the Palestinians Israel is transfering arms to them! This move is designed to make sure that no solution will emerge from ongoing street battles between Fatah and Hamas other than the one which will benefit Israel by ingniting a civil war in the Palestinian territories. At this point Israel will be able to tell the world again and again that there is no partner for peace to speak with on the other side and finally goes its own way.

Israel has been shelling Gaza daily recently and the matter seems abstract, the casualties are always reported (when reported) in abstract numbers. For those who are not killed by Israeli shells, the hardship is unbearable, even by local standards.

The Big Think Tank on the Nakba, Hamas and Abbas:

In reality, there was a major "purification"of Palestinian land by Jewish military and paramilitary forces in 1948, which amounted to partial ethnic cleansing. "'Disappearing' the Arabs lay at the heart of the Zionist dream, and was also a necessary condition of its existence," writes Israeli historian Tom Segev.

While we are constantly reminded that Hamas seeks the destruction of Israel, we are never told that, since its creation, the Jewish state has sought to destroy the Palestinian people and erase the very memory of their existence from history.

Sabbah's on "Samson Blinded: The Book of Israeli Terrorism Manual"

Yahoo and Google banned the book from advertising programs, Amazon deleted all reviews, GoDaddy canceled hosting, and Booksurge terminated publishing contract. Denounced by leftists and criticized by the ultra-right, author claims receiving threatening letters from both Jews and what he calls “anti-Semites”.


Sophia said...

Thanks Bashir for the mention.

Anonymous said...

all the while the Jews are all-powerful in the U.S., controlling most of the financial institutions, politics and industry, little will change in the middle east or elsewhere where "Americans" are trying to impress their "rule of law" and "lifestyle" on the wider world.

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