09 May 2006

Posing for a Cause (not for a tan) in Tripoli

Mohammad Omary believes in the power of pantomime.

Mohammad Omary has a message of peace, love, brotherhood and tolerance.

24 years old Mohammad strives for a society devoid of disease and corruption.

Mohammad chose the very “traditional and Islamic” northern Lebanese city of Tripoli (Assafir today) to act.

He mounted a monument, in one of the city’s squares, with only his shorts on and posed like a statue.

Everybody called everybody to enquire:

Who’s responsible for placing a “naked” statue on the city’s clock?

Who dares?!

The sheikhs and imams were called.

The mayor and the powerpuff girls were called.

Crowds gathered to see.

The police were prompt to reach the scene so that they can tear down that horrible thing.

Mohammad then started to take different poses.

Mohammad is happy for the confusion and the crowd.

It is clear in his mind that the people of Tripoli need this type of art.

He will surprise us with new activities in the near future.

Mohammad is brave.

Mohammad is high.


the perpetual refugee said...

I'll have what he's having.

Bashir said...

Lol. I know what you mean.

notorious said...

man i been tryin 2 convince me self that the powerpuf girl do not exist for the past 5 yrs, i was almost there, but now u reactivated ma imagination :P anyways i think we need more peaple like mhmd, he deserves a salute

Sophia said...

Mohammad is smart !


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