15 May 2006

"The Pain"

The words are part of a song by Lebanese "pop-star". They translate as: "look at the wawa, kiss the wawa". Wawa is baby-talk word for pain.
Thanks Amal

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Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

This juxtaposition of a bleeding Palestinian kid begging for help while a heartless Saudi Sheikh listens to Al-Hayat LBC’s brand of highly vulgar “Lebanese pop music” offers us a vivid image of the current situation in the Middle-East.

At the end of his poignant poem “My Mother”, Palestine’s most famous poet writes that “It is time for me to exchange the word for the deed; Time to prove my love for the land and for the nightingale; For in this age the weapon devours the guitar”

Sad. But true: revenge is often the only option left when foreign invaders conquer your country, steal your lands, and massacre your children… Sadly, Iraq has become a mirror image of Palestine circa 1948, and Baghdad is rapidly morphing into Gaza on steroids, as Rumsfeld’s minions spread death and destruction across the former capital of the Arab world.

And this is having dramatic consequences on the way Arabs and Muslims view America and the West…

As I wrote recently in the Middle-East Memo: “This substantial shift in Arab and Muslim public opinion vis-à-vis America can’t be ignored: in the days of President Wilson, Muslims represented roughly 10% of the world’s total population…today, a quarter of mankind firmly believes in Allah and its ultimate Prophet”


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