01 May 2006

May Day, Beirut - Lebanon

Some shaghlat/work that occurred today:

- Three celebrations in three different locations in Beirut, organized by different coalitions of some 500 officially registered Lebanese workers and trade unions.
N.B. Coalitions are in no way a reflection of political and sect-ual alliances. Any similarity is accidental.

- One of the six official factions of the Lebanese Communist Party organized a demonstration which climaxed with Gen. Sec. Hdadeh throwing a tantrum at everybody who was not in the demonstration.

- Four Israeli war planes paid the workers and farmers of south Lebanon a courtesy call.

- Israel officially declared that it can see, with graphic details, all our quirky sexual habits, wherever we are in the Arab world. It has the technology, the satellites and the curiosity.
Voyeur web sites now have an excellent source to increase the income of their workers.

- In another location, my friend Nouj voiced her anger at the news of the eminent closing of the Wimpy restaurant. It will be changed into a fashion outlet by the same people who bought Modca. These restaurants/street cafés served as meeting places for the “intelligentsia/intellectuals” of Lebanon since the sixties.
Wimpy has a higher status. It is the site of the first shots of resistance against the Israeli occupation of Beirut. This was carried out in the eighties by the secular Khalid Alwan.
Nouj is anxious that the closing of Wimpy is part of a planned “destruction of our collective memory.”
More out of work workers and intelligentsia are expected.

- Enough for now, although I have a feeling that I missed something.


ali said...

Bekafe?! but for sure next year we the unemployed will have a national holiday to celebrate....if i am still one(a member) i will make sure we do.

Jamal said...

On a bright note, The Intelligentsia will now look good and stylish for a change.

Sophia said...

Why they do need a satellite of their own ? It is just a show off and national pride.
They have american satellites and they have civil servants in the american adminstration transferring every document and image they need with the mention: 'strategic cooperation'.

notorious said...

well... the closing of wimpy is kinda our fault, c wen every goes to starbucks instead of wimpy or modka previously, ofcourse the damn thing sgona close, like wen smal restaurants close coz of big ass mcdonalds openin 20m away from em, if peaple have some lebanese pride thed eat taook at the smal restaurant instead o havin a bigmac at mcdonalds... theres this old sayin that goes like this " al waylu li omatin talbusu min ma la tansoj w ta2kulu min ma la tazra3" rings a bell right?


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