26 May 2006

Longest Living Lebanese Ritual

Place: LAU [Lebanese American University]
Time: Few minutes ago
Event: Progressive Socialists [Lebanese for Druze] and AMAL [Lebanese for Shiites] celebrated the after Liberation Day party with sticks and stones that actually broke some bones. They also strengthened their brotherely bonds by the traditional Lebanese ritual of spilling and mixing blood. Now their unity is baptized with blood.

Another Place: LU [Lebanese University]
Time: Couple of days ago
Event: AMAL [Leb for Shiites] and Hizbullah [Leb for Shiites] participated in the same ritual as they were gathered to prepare for the Liberation Day festivities. They also used belts and bones when democratically disputing who should be Walley el Faukih. The spirit of brotherly love ruled.

Yet Another Place: Another one of the many Lebanese universities
Time: More than a couple of days ago
Event: Lebanese Forces [Leb for Maronites] and Free Patriotic Movement [Leb for Maronites] competed in a clean and fair fight. And of course the traditional ritual was practiced accordingly. The spirits of freedom, seyada [Leb for sovereignty] and independence were flying around them while true blue Lebanese blood was quenching the thirst of the land.

While these events were taking place, Dr. Charles Elachi was visiting universities and schools in Lebanon and lecturing our students on the possibilites of conquering space and sending manned missions to Mars and beyond.


Anonymous said...

thanks bachir for the news .. mazbut ino hada was killed in the lau ... ??
shame on them ...

bashir said...

anon, nobody was killed.

ali said...

el 7amdela eno kil el tawa2ef emmasalen bel habal....ma fe mukhalafe la ru7 el dustor el watani el lubnani.....ba3edna be 2alf kheer...

Sophia said...

That's a pity, when are they going to wake up, when all voices of dissent will be silenced and the pax Israeliana will reign on the region ?

Anonymous said...

hamdella 3a salemeton.. w ya3teyun l 3afye te3bo shabeb bil LAU w hey 7atta li ma keno men .. l ''eshterakeyye'' wel ''7arake''' wished they wer ther la ywal3uwa..u kno? i asked sm1 ther enno shu bado b hal osa ye3la2 ma3on ..he responded ..w do u accept it enne shufon w dall b3eed:D..ossa wataneye walaw walla shu Mr bashir;)


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