16 May 2006

The Days after the "Nakba"

58 years after the "nakba" [Arabic for catastrophe]. This is what is left of Palestine. Plus some old keys of old homes and some hopes. source of map


notorious said...

man for once lets me b honest about something.. abo ammar is a hipocrit... man kein 3atil b 7a2 sha3bo... w bi7a2 el bildein el moujawira... just think about it usin ur mind, not ur sympathy and wuts "arabicly right"

elFool said...

We have our right as well, and we have the most important thing which the moral advantage even in the midst of all the violence you can still see that the Palestinian cause stands for life and the existence of the Zionist state stands for the destruction of life.
Now we can talk about mistakes on how we (Palestinians) have been doing which did cost (and still costs us) ultimately. (one should try to understand more about these mistakes)
We now the Zionist state has no future what is important is to present a clear alternative that can replace it with minimum.
It was never going to be a walk in the park!

أمل said...

This is a great post.

I think we bloggers should arrange a schedule for national and international occasions and perhaps organize an out-blog activity.

Thanks Bashir .. I always enjoy your blog

Bashir said...

Good idea.


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