08 April 2006

Path to Predicament of Feb.14 (ex March14) Movement

A translation of this previous post.
Ali sees that among the reasons that led to the current deadlock and “decline” facing the February 14 (previously known as March 14) movement, are eight crucial elements. These elements were forgetten or ignored in the plans and actions of the movement, consequently leading to their present predicament:

  • In the aftermath of the Syrian withdrawal, the leaders of the February 14 (ex-March 14) movement had an attitude of total denial to the existence of Syria when dealing with the political issues and events. They did not take the economic and social ties between the two peoples – Lebanese and Syrians – seriously, nor did they consider the effect that this has on the politics of the country.
  • They lost the Free Patriotic Movement as an ally to Hezbollah. This made Hezbollah move from its defensive position to become a serious and open minded partner in planning the basis of the next stage in the political life of Lebanon.
  • Impulsive reactions seasoned with romanticism and whims controlled their dealings with political issues instead of objectivism and pragmatism.
  • They prematurely ran out of, and exposed all the possible moves they could have undertaken. And therefore they lost the element of surprise.
  • Priorities changed constantly, without achieving any.
  • There was a lack of compatibility of interests with the Arab nations and they ignored the connection between the stability in these nations and the stability in Syria.
  • There was a lack of any serious initiative to solve the political crisis, although they were the majority. This lead the March 8 group to call for, sponsor and put down its proposals and ideas in the National Dialogue.
  • The rise of the political influence of the Shiites in Iraq and its influence in Lebanon were not taken into consideration as a factor that may lead the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to interfere and dampen the support of the Lebanese Sunnis for the slogans and goals of the Feb. 14 movement, in order not to lose the political role of the Sunnis in case there was a change in the international state of affairs.


notorious said...

abo el muss... encarta sa7?

Bashir said...

no way!! encarta doesn't do it this neat. my work.

notorious said...

ye.... tawado3 3am bisharshir, check out the last comment on the original arabic 1

Candide's Notebooks said...

Moussa... Front page of today's New York Times, over three columns: "Arab Democracy, A U.S. Goal, Falters," see here: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/10/world/middleeast/10democracy.html?hp&ex=1144728000&en=e462991f80d3cb48&ei=5094&partner=homepage


Moussa said...

Thanks Pierre.


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