28 April 2006

Palestinian Children Taught Lebanese National Anthem

A typical school day for Grade 5 students in the “concentration” camps reserved for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon involves:

- Waking up and getting ready to go to schools run by UNRWA.
- Attending the seven hours, covering materials such as: English, Civics, Arabic, Geography, History, etc, covering:

1- English hour lesson: units created for the Lebanese curriculum about the Lebanese culture, way of life and activities.

2- Civics: chapter one opens with the picture of the Lebanese flag and anthem. The children are taught their “duties” and “obligations” for their home land, which in this case is supposed to be Lebanon!

3- Geography: children learn about the different climate Lebanon has with its diverse topography, irrigation system, agricultural production and area.

4- History: Prince Fakhereddine, the Ottoman Empire in Lebanon, and Great Lebanon of the 1920s are the topics discussed.

And the list just goes on. Weird!

No mention of the Homeland… Palestine.
What about UNSC resolution 194 and the right of return.

And we wonder why the children are having identity crisis!!!

And we are blamed if we think of a "conspiracy" to naturalize Palestinians (taw-teen)?


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Logically, theirs should be a bi-cultural curriculum teaching BOTH local and Palestinian history e.g. as it is done by UNWRA-funded schools for Palestinian refugees in neighboring countries such as Syria and Jordan.

This “Lebanese exception” is troubling in many ways…

Sophia said...

There is a profound contradiction in asking these children allegiance to lebanon when Lebanon don't treat them and their parents as citizens with equal rights as their lebanese counterparts!

the perpetual refugee said...

Forget the 'right of return'. It will never happen.

Israel will never accept it. Never. It's all about the math. To ensure their 'Jewish' majority, they're drawing up borders in the next few years. Still, the Israeli-Arabs make up 22% of the population and have many more babies. (In 1948/49, I believe the % of Israeli-Arabs was only 7%). And don't forget that during the 90s about 1 million Russian Jews moved to Israel. And the # is still 22%....

We are lying to ourselves if we think that these people will ever be repatriated. I think we need to accept the fact that some will indeed end up staying while some will be 'transferred' to Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine (West Bank)....

They might as well have allegiance to their new country in that case.


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