01 April 2006

Let US Pin Point the Tactical Errors

"I know we've made tactical errors - thousands of them, I'm sure," -Ms Rice

I am proposing that we embark on a grand project of listing all the “tactical errors” the U.S. government has done and will do in Iraq. It can even have its own web-site, “The Tactical Errors Project Home Page” or “TTEPHP” for short (is this original or what?!).

The objective is helping Ms. Rice to understand and account for the “thousands” of tactical or collateral mistakes she so coolly and elegantly mentioned, being the states-person she is. In addition to helping her (and us) see the big picture if she becomes the president of the U.S. someday. I will start by listing a few, and correct me if I am wrong:

The 10000000000001 (read: one zillion & one) Tactical Errors List

  1. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians killed, injured, jobless, dislocated, scared etc.
  2. Destroying and plundering museums, universities, ministries, personal records, past, present, future etc.
  3. Destroying the army, police, security, education system, normal functioning of anything, etc.
  4. Creating conducive atmosphere for sectarian strife, civil war, more killing, terrorism, unrest in neighboring countries, etc.
  5. Man! I can go on like this all night, and I haven’t even begun digging…


notorious said...

TA7IYI LA ABO EL MUSS , RABB EL PHYSICS ( hail to the father of razors and the lord of physics)

elFool said...

and doing all these “tactical errors” in the name freedom, i mean what impact is that going to have on the coming genrations?
the face of her makes me want to set things on fire


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