24 April 2006

Is Syria the Way Out for the USA?

It seems that the USA and Iran are involved in some heavy negotiations concerning the entire Middle East vis-à-vis Iraq. These negotiations appear to be giving Syria the upper hand by being the middle ground. For there is no other comprehensible reason that will let Egypt and Saudi Arabia, both of which are pro USA, to support Syria and its regime. Especially that it is being accused of responsibility for PM Hariri’s death and after a period of stalemate between them. It is naïve to say that this support is for the sole reason of protecting their regimes from the domino effect that will ensue in case the Syrian regime falls. Syria seems to be poised to play an important role, like sending peace keeping forces, or being part of an Arabic peace keeping force in Iraq. This was done before in Lebanon.

The Saudis and Egyptians see in their support for Syria a reduction of Iranian influence while Iran sees in Syria a preservation of its interests. If this happens, Syria will be elevated to a higher status in the region. Some indicators that points to this direction are:

1- The US and the International Investigation Committee have changed their tone of voice when addressing Syria. The US is now requesting that Syria changes its attitude rather than threatening it with regime change.

2- The new prime minister in Iraq today, Mr. Al Maliki, and his party are close to Syria. He replaces the pro-Iranian Mr. El Jaafari who was removed as a result of US pressure.

3- The situation in Lebanon is being put to freeze after a clear request by the King of Saudi Arabia from Mr. Jumblat to step down his rhetoric. A by product of this freeze will be the continuation of Pres. Lahoud in office till the end of his term.

4- The Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah’s agreement seem to be pointing in this direction too.

Questions to consider:

1- Will Syria request that Mr. Saad Harriri & Co. and Mr. Jumblat pay a political price for the positions they have taken?
2- Is the delay of Seniora’s visit to
damascus part of this price?
3- Will they have to present new CV’s to be accepted in the new state of affairs that seems to be evolving?

This is how Ali sees the political situation in the region these days.


notorious said...

man howcome wen it came to syria no dares to comment? seems ppl r stil afraid, man fuck syria ... thats freedom of speech oh n btw my name is jad rabah, livin in lebanon ,beirut, i go to bcs

no one cares said...

hey notorious, man, maybe is just that no one is reading...maybe its just that no one cares...hahaheee

Sami said...

good one.

notorious said...

then maybe u shouldnt b in here, thisplace is 4 peaple who give a fuck

Abu zeinab said...

notorious give no one cares a space to say what he want why r u kicking him out cause he made comment on what u said that sames like syrian style u have...and by the way what is your opinion on the article beside insulting syria.

notorious said...

abo zeinab / no one cares / sami ... first of all am not kicking any1 out, this isnt my blog, second.. even if it was mine.. thats not the way i meant it, but man lisin, its like sittin between between a bunch of peaple who r desperatly tryin 2 stop smoking and tryin 2 convince peaple 2 stop smoking, n u light up a cigaret... thats just wrong man

abu zeinab said...

notorious please say what you want directly ...cause i didnt understand clearly what you mean...i dont think ali is calling syria back into lebanon he is trying to imagine a picture of what is going on....not with and not against....if you have another political picture of what of what is going on please reveal it.


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