06 April 2006

"Iraq: Is the media telling the real story?"

Reuters - Newsmaker debate: Iraq

What do you think? Are they telling us the truth? How can we tell? Does it matter?
A debate about the media coverage of Iraq took place two days ago. Although the event is over, you can still have your say on the matter. Visit Reuters blogs (or this Reuters link) and leave your comments on this issue or see what others have to say or have said.


elFool said...

My first visit to your blog, I will write this then continue to browse around!
I don't believe for one second they are telling the truth, the media is not neutral so they will always twist the truth the way they like!
This does sound horrible but I has proved to be true before! when the Americans staged the bringing down of the statue of Saddam in Baghdad so show around the world like a sign for victor, most of the journalists who covered it new that it was staged, (damn it was so obvious I knew as soon as I saw it on tv!) but they still showed it without making any effort to tell the viewers the truth!
Why? Coz it's easier, coz they more interested in making money than telling the truth, coz they didn't want to deal with all the shit that comes with telling the truth, otherwise they won't be able to survive as mainstream media

Freedom said...

Didn't know Reuters had a blog page!! Fascinating. It seems that blogging is the biggest revolution in the past 2-3 decades in the field of communications and media.

Bashir said...

Hello and welcome.
freedom: blogging is now evolving into Vlogging. the v for videos. but we need high speed connections for that.

Freedom said...

You mean people capturing themselves speaking or what? Sounds like fun, but I doubt that it has the same effect as blogging.

Bashir said...

sort of like that plus video capture and clips of "interesting stuff" + sound effects etc... :)


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