13 April 2006

Because it is not over yet!

A handful of young Lebanese enthusiasts were distributing leaflets this afternoon on the “Old Saida Highway”.

This road divides “Chiah” (predominantly Amal and Hezbollah) and “Ain el Roumanni” (predominantly Lebanese Forces and Phalange).

Last year, skirmishes occurred between residents of these two areas, bringing back ugly images of the not-so-civil-war that “ended officially” 1990. The army had to interfere to stop the fights then, and are still stationed on the "Highway" to prevent any new ones.

Today, the activists were distributing hand written, photocopied, half-A4-sheets of paper with a message which I have scanned and translated below. A bus that is a replica of the infamous “bus of Ain el Roumanni” was in the background serving as a reminder of the spark that started the war on April 13, 1975. One of the cardboards on the bus read: "we don't want any new demarcation lines" (khoutout tammas).

The flyers carried the following message:


We are a group of youngsters with questions and worries…

We have come to share them with you and make them public.

You may read them and answer us or you may just say this is not necessary!.

But at least think about them.

1- What were the reasons of the war and what were the results?

2- Who took part in it and who stopped it?

3- Who can guarantee that it will not happen again and who is ready to repeat it?

If we were divided into sects then ….. and we still are today.

If we were blindly following the leaders then …… and we still are today.

If we were empowered against each other by foreigners then ….... and we still are today.

What has changed?

Do you think we have learned the lesson?

Youth concerned about the nation.

(message ends)

Q: Why is everyone concerned that a civil war may start all over again?

A: Because it is not over yet!


Anonymous said...

:D i liked the last question U mentioned..it is crazy stuff going on., sum ppl are just trying 2 stay away frm thnkin abt wut is realy going on.. but indeed and frankly. its just after thinking so0o0o boring 2 just wait and watch wuts gunna happen followed and controled by a bunch of rusty old ppl whom we saw wut we had frm them:S and thats the killing point abt it that we still luk up 4 them.. just am tryin 2 ignore all wuts happenin out ther,, wud it help n work out..?

notorious said...

u knaw i noticed somethin, every1 in public says that stuf, that it dun matter who u follow, war is a loose-loose situation, we all believe in the same god, but wen there with there own peaple, they'd b like every1 is scared of us, we want a war, we want 2 fuk every1 up, we rule leb, common man as long as we have this, this old fucked up idiology, we aint gona get anywer

Nouj said...

"May those who love us love us.
And those that don't love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles,
So we'll know them by their limping."


Lex said...

'shabab kha'ef 3ala watan' my ass. It's a bunch of pseudo-communists throwing empty slogans thinking they're of higher intellect than the average joe or moe in lebanon.

Please, die.

notorious said...

lex... atleast they'r doin somethin man... 2i7em 2i7em

Anonymous said...

sa77a...btw, w'd be doin sumthng to0..


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