26 March 2006

"Wrong war, wrong time, wrong way, wrong place."

While the Strong Macho Confident Cowboy enlightens us with the rejuvenating facts of how democracy is spreading in the Middle East, substituting falafel with juicy roasted chicken thighs, and how the war in Iraq is being won, with hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians dead and wounded, his “masters”, the neo-cons are losing it! Failures in Iraq are compelling them to start abandoning the sinking ship. The next thing we can expect now will be rounds of “scapegoating” and “couter-scapegoating”. But can the wrong already being done in Iraq ever be righted? Can the wounded be healed? Can the dead return?

Richard Perle: the administration "got the war right and the aftermath wrong."

Fukuyama: "Iraq has now replaced Afghanistan as a magnet, a training ground and an operational base for Jihadists, with plenty of American targets to shoot at."

Michael Ledeen: "Wrong war, wrong time, wrong way, wrong place."

Pat Buchanan: “That Bush is in trouble is undeniable. But his people are not Bush's problem. His policies are. It is these policies, not his advisers that have given us huge deficits and a no-win war that is bleeding our country.”

more at Anti-war.com

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nouj said...

Hail to the students who greeted Feltman at the LAU with pictures of America's democracy of dead bodies...


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