03 March 2006

Traffic, Sects, and Races

Beirut: Traffic Jam

Zattam is an expert when it comes to the roads of Beirut and traffic jams. His experience goes back to the good old seventies. Those were the days, ehhhhh. He explained how the traffic jams we are now experiencing at the intersections were not real.

"They are cooked up on purpose for security reasons. Look at the streets over there, away from the intersections, who do you see? Nobody! Nobody doing anything! Nobody is going anywhere!" Yet there is traffic jam at intersections.

"The security men, they cause it on purpose, for security reasons. You know, these days everybody is fed up with everybody, without even knowing each other."

"Allah yostor. Allah ma3ak."

Sects of feather, flock together

The “National Dialogue” started yesterday. Head of blocs in parliament were chosen according to sectarian representation.

Non-sectarian parties, also in the parliament, were excluded. The “heads” did not want to be disturbed. They are onto some very serious business. No time for childish games of non-sectarian blah blah.

Notice how warm the handshakes were between Jumblat, Hakim and Nasrullah? Allah yi deem al wifik. So the self-pronounced non-sectarian parties (the entire spectrum of communists and nationalists) were not represented.

Serves them well. Had they been doing their homework and duties as they ought to have done, during the past seventy and more years, we would not have been here.

The women? Well in a patriarchal sectarian group of clans as ours, the “heads” are men. And by the way, why the hell are you asking about the women?

Shou badak min al mara wleh?!

Races, Races.

A group of IC students arguing, (the spirit of al Hiwar spreads).

Those to the left (side): What are you talking about; the Jews are the smartest race ever!

Those to the right (side): What are you saying, that is not true, you say the Jews are the most intelligent race. You are wrong. The Jews are not a race. Don’t you know there are black Jews, like from Ethiopia?!

Those on the left (side): WHAT!! WHAT!!



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