30 March 2006

يا دي الكســوف - Total Eclipse of the Heart!!!

The people - Lebanese - that I meet these days (more in the "light" of today's news) can be categorized into two groups:

  • Those who are grateful to God (Allah) that they have a second nationality.
  • Those who are seeking the grace of God (In-Sh-A-llah) to get a second nationality.
Where do you stand?


Freedom said...

How about: "God" doesn't exist? :-P Or is that not an option? :D

bashir said...

Hmmmm. u're right! but the statements i've heard always started with: "al hamdu li llah" and "in sha llah"! A third category (19th sect) is not legally recognized, yet. ;)

notorious said...

bachir remember that thing i wrote onda wall in ur class, "god is just old peaple's imaginary freind" ? <<<< that thing is my coment, god is just somethin imaginary, somethin we give credit to wen things go right, and somethin we blame for out failuir wen shit goes wrong, grow up peaple, learn how 2 take responsibility of ur own actions, no need for inshala(if god wants 2) or hamdila (thnx 2 god) or stuf like that, coz if u want to and work hard enough u will get wutever ur workin for god doesnt got shit to do with this, and if u get somethin ... fuck b happy give ur self credit coz u earned it

Nouj said...

Maybe that's why things went bad in the first place.. we don't know who we are and we just want to run away.. as if it's gonna be any better.. who wants to be american with Bush as president( lahhoud is an angel next to this guy) Or French with Chiraque.. I'll take my chances in this country..


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