12 March 2006

Our Great and Wise Leaders

Cult of personality is a term for what is perceived to be excessive adulation of a single living political leader.

The reputation of this leader, often characterized as the "liberator" or "saviour" of the people, elevates that leader to a near-divine level. A cult of personality has a negative connotation, and is thus a pejorative term.

A personality cult is characterized with many images and representations of a leader in public places, including statues, billboards, posters, signs, paintings, and vast murals.
In many cases the leader is portrayed in various types of garb (indicating many roles) and in heroic positions. This is meant to emphasize the greatness and wisdom of the leader.
The leader's slogans and other quotes cover massive spaces, and books containing the leader's speeches and writings fill up bookstores, libraries, and schools.
The level of flattery can reach heights which may appear absurd to outsiders.

Some examples are: Stalin, Ataturk, Mobutu, Mussolini, Eva Peron, Sadam....

Can you point out who, and/or figure out how many of our Lebanese political leaders fit this category of personality cult?

I have lost count!



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