31 March 2006

"March 14 was a stupidity waiting to come to light"

The not-so-petite squabbles going on among the not-so-young-boys presiding over our not-so-lucky-country have raised questions about the future and decline of the March 14 movement. The boldest statement that I have read so far was made by freedom:

March 14 was a stupidity waiting to come to light, much like the continuous stupidities that the Lebanese state and its so-called guardians have been engaged in ever since its founding.

March 14 was never about bettering the conditions of the working class; it was about defending the "honour" of a clan leader and brutal capitalist, the assassination of whom led his clan to arouse the masses in a racist manner against his alleged murderers. March 14 was, more than anything else, a tribal reaction, with rival clans joining the leading clan a la "if you can't beat them, join them".

Bold, deeming it quotable.

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ali said...

after 14 feb. almost all 14 march figures said "lama shifna elness be sa7et el7ureyah ulna sar lazem net7arak ma 3ad ba2a bada"...it was a strange statement cause that means they were doing nothing and with no plans or direction, reacting according to the emotions of the street which is usually not a 100% rational reactions...they were not moving according to the real interest of the lebenese nation...assuming they know what a national interest is...you cant run a country because angry people are asking you to do irrational things....that is why you call a person a leader cause he knows how to chose....14 march was never what they said it was....it was built on racism towards syria not on the love of lebanon...


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