08 March 2006

International Women's Day

Eve puts it well, when she says on AD-LIBanaises that today, March 8, is:

a moment of respect. an ode to femininity. a time to reflect. a call for change. a thought, carefully treasured for you: my mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, virtual friends, working wives, household wives, grocery store ladies, scary childhood dentists, unloved teachers, strangers smiling at me in a crowded street … you, my "ordinary" women, makers of my history, who have shaped me into the woman I am today.
To all of you, today I say: thank you.
Let the coming years bear the fruits of respect, dignity and equality. May they bring peace and peace of mind to the mothers of lands torn by violence. May our struggle for better days pay off.
Meanwhile consider these selected paintings by Lebanese women painters.

Houry Chekerjiane

Odile Mazloum

Mona Sehnawe

Cici Sersock


Anonymous said...

lolz no one care for this day !!
anyway i'm a women so thanks bashir for your post at least u remembered this day lolz...!!?

ali said...

hi anonymous,
we should remember this day soo that not only a lot will care but we will reach a day when we wont have to talk of women day cause it should be a normal issue that women have a more valuable social condition.

Eve said...

it's very sad that generally no one remembers this day, but as the saying says:
الحريّة تؤخذ ولا تعطى
(freedom is seized not given)
so, i guess standing idle won't be the solution.
nice paintings Bashir, especially the fourth one

notorious said...

ali hi, heard alot about u from bachir, man peaple make a big deal outa this, women can get everythin and anythin they want, coz dey got there magistic secret weapons we cant resist , womens day was prolly made up by some guy who was tryin 2 impress his wife so he can get laid, and no offence for women... but god intended it 2 b this way, that men should support wemon, thats y we should have the higher authority

Anonymous said...

for notorious,uve got a point of view and its great that sum ppl kno how a big role women have in here but u showed agn the ''all male theory'' lo0ol.
note: frankly am a female 2 but i ddnt recognize this date so i shudnt b waitin 4rm all 2 do, but all days are for all 'important days' for makin difference.


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