01 March 2006

Bits and Pieces

Hide and Seek - II

Pres. Lahoud found the ministers downtown and presided over their meeting. But they spoke their minds alright, directly into his face this time!
How did these ministers feel, when just a few days ago they were refusing, strongly, to even be in the same country with him?

Meetings keeps the cabinet going

According to the Lebanese constitution, if the cabinet does not convene in its regular meeting for three consecutive times, then it is considered resigned and a new cabinet must be formed.


Clinical depression increased by 15% and so did the rate of consumption of tranquilizers during the year 2005 in Lebanon, according to Assafir (15/2/2006)


Saad Hariri and S. H. Nasrallah met yesterday for SEVEN hours. They talked and had dinner together. I wonder what was on the menu. Anyway sahten!

Pots and Pans

Who told Elias Atallah that if demonstrators beat pots and pans together then the president will be intimidated and resign?


Nouj said...

I think they beat pots and pans when there's an eclipse.. maybe he's trying to tell us something.. maybe this whole thing is just an eclipse.

Bashir said...

LOL :) Maybe you are right. Nice to hear from you Nouj.


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