22 February 2006

Metamorphosis of the Wimps

Our “all wise” parliamentarians have issued a statement stating that they were coerced to accept the extension of the president’s term in office.

Our “brave” representatives claim that the pressure was too much to bear.
They were weak then. But now, oh yeh, now they are stronger, better, faster…
They ate their share of broccoli. The Syrian did not allow them to eat broccoli then.
They got their shots of guts and balls. They are now immune. They can now withstand any pressure.
Shit, who are they bitching?

If they broke under pressure then, when they should have resisted, how can we trust that they will not bend today.
This statement is self-convicting.

This statement should bring them down too with the president.

No wimps for parliament.

How did they get there in the first place?

Consider this: I learned recently that the Arabic word for drinking straw is: المــاصّــة (Al-mass-uh)
The literal translation is “female sucker”.


notorious said...

every body bends, theres this only thing that u can knaw for sure, that sooner or later they will bend, now theyr just livin their 5 minutes of fame, its gona end right? wen it does, the only peaple who r gona loose n get fucked up r usual r us, besides no matter how big their balls r, it wont make up for their lack of mannis if i can put it this way, each n every 1 of them is doin wutever the fuck he is doing for his own sake, no1 works for the peaple no1 works for who he is represnting, the only thing they work for is bank accounts

bashir said...

I am afraid you are right!


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