27 February 2006

“Dialogue” (Al-Hiwar) VS "Truth and Reconciliation"

What if we continue ignoring the skeletons in our closets?
What if the policy of one-person’s-hero, another-person’s-traitor persists?
How long will it be before the children of the heroes from both sides re-live the heroic acts of their fathers and seek martyrdom for God, country and honor?

The passage of time alone cannot bring closure, nor resolve feelings of guilt or trauma for those affected by the events of the civil war (1975-1990) and its consequences or reasons. Simply forgetting what happened will not make the side-effects go away.

Unless the truth surrounding these events, and the ones that followed is honestly confronted, the suffering fully acknowledged, accountability established, and forgiveness and reconciliation facilitated, we will always be faced with the risk of a new civil war.

What we need in Lebanon today is a model more like “truth and reconciliation” model that was applied in South Africa and elsewhere.

The call for “dialogue” (Al-Hiwar) is good, but it will keep the problems and postpone them instead of solving them once and for all.

Anyone who has traveled on “old Saida highway”, which is the road separating Chiah from Ain el Rummaneh, and seen the amount of army personnel deployed there will understand what I mean. This same road was the “demarcation line” with two opposing factions fighting each other across it during the civil war.

The feuds and quarrels are rampant among teenagers and youngsters in schools these days, in addition to the universities. In some places, even children in middle school are involved, echoing the battle cries of their parents.

We need to confess our grievances and our guilt. We need to accept for once that we (by we I mean sects or whatever) are not infallible and that each one of us has done and can do wrong.

Otherwise the future is bleak.

Wa Al-salamu-a-ly-kome. (and Peace be upon you)

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notorious said...

u can never knaw how hard it is for us, i mean the war is over, but the postwar era is alot harder, our generation here war stories, heroec stories, and u knaw this stuf really effects lil guys n girls, plus, we r living ina religous society, am a muslim, i life inda suburb, no1 sells alcohol here, so everytime i wana have a coupla drinks with freinds or with ma gf i gota get out of the suburbs to beirut or a christian populated area, now thats wrong, i gota chiaa father and a sunni mother, wich now adays have opposing parties, theres like a thousand dif things i can talk about, bak then inda war, you knew who is ur enemy and u fought him, now... ur u cant fight ur "enemy" , its really hard 2 express.... i think this situation wont b resolved unless everything religous is seperated from everything politicle, wich is really hard i knaw, but... no pain no gain, the president shouldnt b from a certain religon, same thing with the prime minister, even politicle parties shouldnt b based on a religon, they should b based on causes, and ideals, am a chiae but i dun want syria in OUR lebanon, but u r the 1s with the most work to do, its a heavy burden, but u shouldnt pass us ur problems just so u can get coupla thousand votes from the younger generation... peace

eve said...

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Eve said...

Hi Bashir,
totally agree with you, although I think it would be too good to be true. this needs people who have reached a certain level of maturity, while our children are only echoing the same blahblah they're hearing from us (those who caught that show at New tv, when they had children speaking about politics, would really grasp the extent of this problem).

btw, thx for listing my blog in your links.. but why am I separated from the Lebanon blogs :( ?
P.S. just to avoid any confusion, since I don't monopolize the Eve nickname, I'm the one with the fairy picture :p

bashir said...

Hi eve with the fairy picture :)
Your link was with the Lebanese links. But last week I decided to re-arange the links and to be frank I spent some time thinking whether to list you under the Lebanese-Arabic blogs that I read or in a seperate category as blogs in Arabic, I even thought of linking you twice. I am always asked whether there are blogs in Arabic. It seems that this arrangement was not successful. I will return Mysterious Eve to Lebanese blogs and mention that it is in Arabic.

Thanks for visiting, eve (with the fairy pic)

eve said...

hey..sorry for.the.coinsidense.in.names.anyway.it.has.been.pleasure.to.b.ther..

bashir said...

eve (without the pic): u don't have to be sorry. please use spaces instead of dots between the words so that all the sentences can be displayed.


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