03 January 2006

A Year Supply of Clean Drinking Water for only $3

Life-Straw may turn out to be the greatest life-saving invention since anti-biotic was discovered. The invention of a portable “straw” that can filter dirty water, making it potable, is a shining event amid all the miseries that occurred in the year 2005.

This “straw” will cost the consumer about $3 and can be used for a year. This low price is important since more than one billion of the world’s population, mainly the poor, are without access to safe water. About half of the world’s poor suffer from waterborne diseases, of which over 6 000, mainly children, die daily.

In fact, even at this price it is still not affordable for some, and a form of philanthropy may be needed to supply them with this life saving "gadget".


Maya said...

The concern is if people will use it / know how to use it / understand its value. Education is the biggest problem here... recall when condoms were given for free in poor African countries. Trouble was they didn't understand why and how to use them....

bashir said...

You're right, I remember. I think understanding and using this filter will be easier than understanding and using condoms...

Anonymous said...

How can I buy a LifeStraw?

bashir said...

You can find details at the official site of the straw at this link:


I hope this answers your question.
Good luck.


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