04 December 2005

Mehlis Refuses to Renew his Contract

Mehlis refuses to continue as the head of the investigation team into the murder of late P.M. Rafic Hariri. The person on the street here is saying that this is because of the witnesses, Siddiq and Husam on whose testimonies he based his report and indictment and who turned out to be liars. Not to mention the other witness who (maybe) died in a car accident. People in the street are saying it was a successful act of counter intelligence on the part of the Syrians.
The troubling news is that the investigative team were warned by western intelligence not to depend on either Siddiq or Husam but the advice was not heeded.
In fact the word on the street is that the team was “swayed” into using these potentially “devastating” testimonies by some Lebanese who are seekers of “the truth” behind the murder of P.M. Hariri.
I think Mehlis now knows why no prophet ever lasted long in this “land of prophets”.


ali said...

I didnt trust the investegation before and sure i dont now, guess it is a culture not to trust, sorry for that, but i hope I will still KNOW who murdered late prime minster hariri.

Anonymous said...

I am really not so sure that this why Mehlis is leaving the investigation.....More so that it has to do with Husam's change of testimony. There are other factors playing out which are not any less serious like the late announcement of a high official in the new German govt. that they prefered if Mehlis would quit because of potential terrorist threats to Germany and the other factor has to do with US trying to politicize the investigations and pressuring Mehlis..Maybe he just doesnt want to be engaged....maybe he feels that there is no place for proffesionalism in this case...more like no place for him I really understand that and I wouldnt be in his shoes. PLus, Husam has contradicted himself on the 2nd day after he made his first statement that he was pressured into that. Let him prove it. It just seems fishy, though I am not saying that is possible to happen, but he is not very convincing. Maybe he was just very bad at making a case for himself. Avery imporatnt point: why didnt the syrian commision formed to investigate put Hussam under inverstigation and try to verfy or at least to validate his statments before he went on TV. He speech on the TV was for the most sensational with very little credible content!

Although we can reasonably argue that the investigation wasnt entirely neutral, saying that it is not to be trusted can't be easily founded, unless our criterion is tinted by our biases.


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