04 December 2005

Mass Graves in Lebanon

Mass graves in Lebanon. This was the last item missing in our collection. We needed this to make us in perfect homogeneity with the “third world” the so called “developing” nations. We expect more to be found. We expect some of them to go back to as far as 1975 civil war. But the shame is some are expected to date to the nineties.
The media here stated a few weeks ago that thousands are expected to be found in mass graves around the country and that the government is seeking the help of the UN to find them. But all this time I was wishing that this will turn up to be false.
Well it does not seem to be so. Maybe I was not a good boy last year, because Santa did not grant my wish this Christmas.
None of the officials of the government went to the site discovered in Anjar, nor did any of them comment. Only the mayor of Anjar who claimed that he reported his suspicion to the authorities two years ago, but nothing was done. Damn it man, mass graves in Lebanon, what can a person say!

*Update: Investigations showed that these were not "mass graves" but ordinary graves 50 to 350 years old.



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