12 December 2005

Gebran Tueni Assassinated

Condemning these cyclic acts of political assassinations is becoming like a refrain from some lousy song. And this blog is becoming more and more like the obituary page in some low circulation newspaper.

The scenes from the blast site that killed the prominent journalist Gebran Tueni are reminiscent of sites from the civil war back in the seventies, as if showing us the shape of things to come.

I usually listened to Gebran and read his editorials. Although I did not agree with him on most of the issues and arguments that he raised, he was respected for his boldness and for the changes that he initiated at Dar Annahar, the publishers of An Nahar newspaper and Naharnet news web site.

Nobody deserves this. Lebanon does not deserve this. Every time we recuperate from a shock we get another. The situation is becoming very fragile.

My heart goes to Gebran’s father, Ghassan Tueni – a man for whom I have high regards – and to his wife and children. May God have mercy on his soul.

Another assassination attempt happened three days ago (on Friday) in the Bekaa. About 25kg of TNT was planted in the car of Hussein Assaf, a leading member of Hizbullah. The attempt failed and Assaf was unhurt because he left his car a few seconds before the bomb went off.


Maya said...

I feel what you are saying... and the morale in Lebanon is very low. 2005 has been a year of death... let's pray for 2006 to be a year of life.

bashir said...

hi maya, good to hear from u, 2005 was really the year of death. My brother (47yrs) died suddenly on the 13th of Dec. today i opened the computer and my next post will be about him. may they all rest in peace. (more obituaries)


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