30 November 2005

Green Lebanon... yellow?

"Lubnan Al-Akhdar" (Green Lebanon) is the famous song (by Fairuz), usually aired a lot during "independence day" celebrations, claiming that the world is now more beautiful because of our paradise on Earth: Lebanon. But the fact is we are now facing desertification at an alarming rate. The situation would have seemed hopeless if it were not for the appreciated efforts of a few local organizations like the green line, protection of nature, shouf cedars and the local branches of some international organizations. Although we are highly politicized, it seems that we are not so aware when it comes to environmental issues. Environmental clubs in universities and schools are not that popular yet, and environmental activists are looked down upon. The activities of the Ministry of Environment have yet to show their fruits. "Lubnan Al-Akhdar" is more than just a perfect photo for a post card. It is the livelyhood of the Lebanese. It is our source of income as well as good health. We should all be held accountable.



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