25 November 2005

Fairuz chants in favor of immigration

Fairuz longs for a small peaceful house in Canada "bayt sghir bi Canada". This is the theme of one of her latest songs. It wouldn’t have caught my attention had it not been the Fairuz of the Rahbanis’ who is singing. Actually this is a red alert.

Fairuz is a symbol of Lebanese nationalism. (She is also a symbol of Palestinian struggle and of Syrian nationalism too. Have fun figuring that out.)

The echoes of her chanting call “sa narja3u yawman illa hayyinna” (we shall return someday to our neighborhood) still reverberate today. So for her to sing and support leaving and immigrating to as far away from Lebanon as Canada reflects the darkness looming in the horizon of the land of the cedars.

It seems that the prophecy voiced in the play “natourit al mafateeh” (the keeper of the keys) by the Rahbanis, in which Fairuz played the major role, is being fulfilled.

In the play, all the dwellers of a kingdom decide to leave as a result of the corrupt and unjust rule of their king. So they leave the keys of their homes with “the keeper of the keys” played by Fairuz. The king wakes up and finds that he rules empty houses and only one person. The plot then goes on.

Our politicians should be warned that they might end up ruling “nobody” if the political hypocrisy, “racist” sectarian splits, economic divide, ugly bullshit, etc. continue.

Quoting Ali: “Talking about the immigration of brains, (hijrat al admigha) I think I should immigrate too, this will prove I have a brain.”



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