23 October 2005

It's Politics

Pres. Bush is “highly worried” about the Syrian involvement in the assassination of former P.M. Hariri as was stated in the Mehlis’ report. Sec. C. Rice was “deeply worried”. She can not accept the involvement of any government in the assassination of a former P.M. of another country. The U.S. neither practices nor condones such acts. France was impressed with the “high level” of professionalism in which the investigation was carried out. They think that the report can not be criticized. John Bulton does not even think that the Syrians should protest or try to defend themselves. The right of the accused to defend him/herself does not apply in this case. He is surely the right man to represent the U.S. in the United Nations. Jack Straw is “concerned” and is calling on the Syrians to change, really change.

All the worries and reactions and even “verdicts” were expected. What was not expected is that we got the impression that they were made even before the report was read thoroughly. This is not expected from these developed nations that we strive to emulate. We expect a fair trial.

The Syrians defense was also expected. Especially their reference to the accounts of the witness, Mr. Siddiq, whose accounts were at points considered not reliable and at other points used to build upon and finally he was considered as an accomplice in the crime. They pointed out that there is no hard evidence in this report, no smoking gun. There are only suspicions.

The Syrians are in a tough position. It is not like the report was mistakenly released with the names of those who are very close to Pres. Bashar and then – oops – we are sorry; that was the wrong report; the right one only refers to Syrian government but does not name names… .

Syria is in a very serious position. A position that differs in only one way from that of Iraq’s position before the American came to liberate them. Then Pres. Bush was clearly telling Saddam and his people to leave. Now Pres. Bush and his secretaries are telling Bashar to change.

Syria is in a very dangerous position. The U.S., the U.N., the U.K., and France, can not be taken lightly. And they don’t seem to be waiting for the “fair trial” before they request that the “change” be done. It does not matter that the report views all people, including those charged with serious crimes, to be innocent until proven guilty. And they do not seem to care much that an entire nation should not be held responsible if a few of its citizens were responsible for a crime ....

And I still believe that the terrorists responsible for the assassination of P.M. Rafic Hariri and all others are f**#ing a**h>les and should be brought to justice.

Contradictory Quotes:

There is no sectarianism in Lebanon.Saad Al Hariri in an interview with Wardah on VDL, Oct. 23, 2005

Much needs to be done to overcome sectarian divisions,…Paragraph 208, Report of the Int. Indep. Investigation Commision. (Mehlis’ Report). 2005



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