10 October 2005

"Don't Confuse Me With The Facts!"

"Don't Confuse Me With The Facts!" That could be the motto of those of us
who rely on the blogosphere, rather than traditional media, for our news.
What's the future of newspapers and networks in this all-opinion world? Tom
Rosenstiel, who directs the project for Excellence in Journalism, told USA Today that traditional media will evolve into "authenticators" telling people what information they can trust. (Reader's Digest, Aug. 2005, p130.)

Well if we don't trust the news that most networks slam us with at present, how can we trust that, in the future, they will know which information we can trust. (Too much trust going around?)

1 Comment:

Ramzi said...

I go by the general rule that: if it makes sense it's probably true, and if it doesn't seem reasonable show me the evidence.

Still, the fact that blogs can't be held accountable makes tweaking facts that much easier...


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