01 September 2005

Webster's Statement Regarding Definitions & Other Developments

Webster’s have issued a statement regarding the protested definition of the words “Arab” and “Anti-Semitism” found it its dictionaries-(check my posts on Jun26, Aug13, Aug16 & Aug23)-which ended as follows:

“We apologize for any unintended offense caused by these entries. Our goal in our dictionaries and other references is to provide users with an accurate and comprehensive record of the English language, and that can sometimes mean including words and senses that many people may find offensive. Please be assured that we will continue in the constant process of reviewing the accuracy and currency of the entries in all our books, and we will make appropriate changes when we prepare new editions of those books.We hope these comments are helpful. Thank you for writing and giving us this opportunity to address your concerns.”
Kory Stamper,
Associate EditorMerriam-Webster, Inc.

For the complete text of the Statement from Merriam-Webster, Inc. click here.

In a previous development:
Derogatory synonyms for the word "Arab" have been pulled from "Thesaurus.com", as of Monday, August 22, 2005. Details can be found on ABCnews.

The National Council for Arab Americans, NCA, is searching for other words (example: philistine) as well as other dictionaries for entries that are offensive.

It should be noted that the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee, ADC, has tackled this issue back in the year 2002.

Three Cheers:
Congratulation and good work to all who were involved in making these changes especially the BLOGGERS who stirred-up and followed-up the issue.
Quoting from AquaCool's post on Aug. 27: "In Jordan Unions called for boycott of Webster Dictionaries, it was mentioned that bloggers were the ones to draw attention to the matter."

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