14 September 2005

Our "Unique Lebanese Formula"

Look at who just came out of one of those old and dusty closets in the basement of the Lebanese National Museum.
Hear that stinking racist ideology disguised in the nasty sectarian robe claiming to be the protector of the unique Lebanese way of life.

Don’t panic for we are now secure. No harm will ever happen to our ultimate and supreme tabbouli, fattoush and kibbi-nayyi.

The Guardians are back.

What does a bowl of Fattoush have to do with the the "unique formula" of the Lebanese? You ask! The answer is simple: In the twisted minds of the Guardians of the Cedars, and some others, we the Lebanese are not one people in one nation but a coarse gathering of different peoples with different “flavors” co-habiting a piece of land. Just like the vegetables in a plate of fattoush.

In these minds we should be happy and preserve this “unique formula” for which we are envied by everybody including G.W. Bush.

Aspiring to form one Lebanon with one people is treason!!

The Guardians of the Cedars have spoken, and hatred, racism and violence came out.
Eerie calls to deport and/or kill foreigners and seize their possessions were heard. Enemies were named.

But some of us have studied this “unique formula” in specialized labs and have found it to be highly explosive, highly unstable and not even as good tasting as our precious fattoush. It was found to be hazardous to human and animals alike.

The “unique formula” is sectarianism, and sectarianism here is racism.

The “unique formula” is not good for peace.


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Anonymous said...

it is sad . but let us face it .alot (some) of lebanese feel the same way about the refugees. have u ever wonder why alot of lebanese bloggers do not comment on ur blog ,because they have allergic reaction to pro palestinean blogs.i totally understant what the crazy plo fighters cause them, but come on with all this racism and hate they are not going to harm forieghers only .

i love ur blog , and may god protect lebanon and ur -shalim.


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