26 September 2005

May Chidiac

This is the fourteenth terrorist attack in Lebanon if we start our count from the attempt on the life of minister Marwan Hamadah.

But it is the latest in a countless number of terrorist attacks and assassinations directed at journalists, thinkers, religious figures, politicians, innocent citizens, etc. that occurred during the past few decades.

This unpardonable attempt on the life of May Chidiac is an attack against each one of us.

It is directed against our right to listen to a different point of view.

It is directed against our right to simply enjoy a cup of coffee with a little peace of mind.

It is directed against our right to freedom of expression.

It is directed against the peace that we are striving to keep.


adel said...

مي شدياق صحفية منحازة الى توجه سياسي يساهم في تكريس الجو السياسي والامني الذي يريده الاميركيون ولكن يبدو ان الاميركيين يستهوون الان تنفيذ الخطط اليهودية بحذافيرها وهم من الواضبح تلاميذة انجباء عند اليهود وخاصة اذا رأينا مدى الخبث ومكر و الانحطاط فهم يضحون بمجنديهم لكي يصلوا الى اهدافهم كي يصلوا الى مبتغاهم ولسنا ننسى في هذا المجال رفيق الحريري وان تكون مي شدياق الاخيرة اذا لم يحققوا كامل مبتغاهم حتى الآن

Anonymous said...

To Adel I say:
May Chidiac's political views definitely do NOT justify the the attempt on her life. You dont have to like her but in a civil democratic society there should should be SPACE for everyone to say their opnions FREELY. We (in Lebanon, but not excluding other states in the region) badly need to develop a culture of genuine non-violent peaceful dialogue. I dont know how you made this quantum leap from May's views to what the Americans want. You lost me here. It might be true that US has its own agenda. It might also be true that US will try to make use of prevailing chaos. But also it is CATEGORICALLY and UNDENIABLY true that as long as there isnt GENUINE internal unity and RULE OF LAW (and I mean one law that applies to every citizenand NOT the laws of the different sects) and lack of civil nonviolent mechanisms to resolve our domestic disputes and reach some sort of COMMON GROUND on the big issues that are of public concern, Americans and the like will try to exploit the situation! it is political science 101! As for Israel I am not sure that they are also meddling. I dont have the facts, do you? please make them available on this blog once you read this. You need to provide some evidence. The idea of a "Plot" is a old-new one which I think has been overused. Enough of this insulting to our common sense and intelligence. MIND YOU: I am not ruling out what you suggested, but you seem to be waiving hands more than anything else. MY POINT: We need to look and think hard of our problems at home and GENUINELY ask the hard questions whose answers will decide our future. It is not execuse to always point out that the US and Israel and what not are trying to meddle in our security. If anything, it is a cheap one!! its just crappy and its like someone saying that the fever she has is due to her friend stealing her book! The problem is in US! So does the solution! We allow Americans to meddle and we can stop them if WE WILL!
I feel sorry and sad for May and every human life that have been wasted lately at home.
Lastly I say: By saying that the US is implementing Israel's policy word-by-word, then if thats really true, it should ring a bell that why the heck is the US "able" to do that? If thats happening the whole time, its a big insult to EACH ONE OF US.
"stanger to the order of things"

Anonymous said...

Adel, you are so pathetic. I feel sorry for ignorant people like you.The real terrorists are dumb people like you who are so stupid that I can't even comment on your message

solly said...

To Adel ....everything wrong is either America or Israel !!! you Arabs are sick people and that's why people like you will never be civilized. Arabs are the only evil creatures in this world, they are the dstupid terrorists who kill others if they expressed different opinions. If there was no Arabs in this world life would be heaven and that's why God created the Arabs to punish us for diobeying him and to make our life miserable on earth


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