16 August 2005

Merriam-Webster's Def. of Anti-Semitism

Aqua Cool posted a well developed and carefully researched article on the topic of the Merriam-Webster's definition of Arab and Anti-Semitism. The article includes the response of Merriam-Webster to the clarifications requested by the "World Arab Translators' Association" (WATA). I quote the following definitions from the mentioned post.

Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Collegiate Thesaurus has enlisted in the 3rd Edition an entry that reads:
Main Entry: an•ti-sem•i•tism

Pronunciation GuidePronunciation: () -

Function: noun

Usage: usually capitalized S

1 : hostility toward Jews as a religious or racial minority group often accompanied by social, economic, and political discrimination -- compare RACISM

2 : opposition to Zionism : sympathy with opponents of the state of Israel

Source: Unabridged Merriam-webster(You will need to subscribe)

And it also has:

Entry Word: arab

Function: noun

Text: 1 Synonyms VAGABOND, clochard, drifter, floater, hobo, roadster, street
arab, tramp, vag, vagrant

2 Synonyms PEDDLER, duffer, hawker, higgler, huckster, monger, mongerer,
outcrier, packman, vendor

Source: Unabridged Merriam-webster(You will need to subscribe)

Until acts and philosophies treating and believing that some races are superior and others are inferior have been totally discredited and abolished, there will be no peace.

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Anonymous said...

I am happy to reprot that we have convinced Roget's to remove the offending definitions. See our website www.americanarabfroum.org
All the best,

Dr. Aref Assaf
Americanarab Forum


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