23 August 2005

The Bulldozers Just Came

"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.” Samuel P. Huntington

Rachel Corrie (1979 – 2003) bravely stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer trying to protest against the policy of demolishing Palestinian homes. The bulldozer just carried on its “duties” and she died there and then. Does any body remember her?

Six-teen thousand (16 000) is the number of Palestinians (women & children included) who were thrown out of their homes in Rafah alone (in Gaza) with their homes demolished to the ground without warnings, without time to even pack and without a place to go.

The bulldozers came during the day or during the night, no difference. They would simply declare that they were going to demolish the house, waited for five minutes and then carried on their “work”.

No tears, no sympathy and no media coverage for the Palestinian suffering.

Yet our sensitivity and humanness is being judged today because we do not show sympathy for a group of colonizers with whom negotiations to dismantle their colonies have been going on for the past two years, and for whom the police and army have been trained for six month on how to handle them with care while removing them, from a land illegally occupied, in a theatrical show which makes us believe that it had been staged and rehearsed before. And for whom Sharon is asking the U.S. to give him more than two billion dollars.

What other price are we going to pay for the “precious” tears shed by the colonizers?
Will it be more land taken away in the West-Bank?
The shameful wall of separation alone has so far cut about 450 sq.km. away from the West-Bank, remember the whole of Gaza is 360 sq.km.
Will it be eternal gratitude on our part?
“Jews do not evict Jews” this slogan was shouted over and over. What about Prime Minister Rabin? Who killed him and why? And does this mean that Jews can evict non-Jews?
The questions do not end. The pain does not end.

Peace cannot be with injustice.

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Maya said...

Thank you for the reminder. What a beautiful post.


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