17 July 2005

The Prospective Government and Tabboulli

This morning I was counting the political factions in Lebanon who were involved in distributing the seats in the prospective government that is being formed. What was striking is that one of them with the majority in parliament wanted two thirds of the seats, the others wanted a minimum of one third each so they can veto decisions that are not to their likings. The problem is not in this already disgusting form of "slicing" the "shares" in a supposedly democratic country whose people pride themselves in the ability to speak three languages fluently. The problem lies in the fact that there are more than four factions, and multiplying this number by the shares of thirds each wants will result in two or three governments!! The number of ministers in the government as suggested by the appointed prime minister is between 24 and 30, which is already a large number.

This brings us back to our pride and joy: kibbi nayyi and tabboulli, and if tabboulli is causing problems in digestion (gas) then replace it with fattoush.



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