19 July 2005

Geagea's Parole and Shameful Violence

"Geagea's Parole Triggers Suburban Beirut Violence, 1 Killed, 16 Hospitalized" - Naharnet

Whoever started it, whatever the reasons, it is shameful, and to know that this happened in the same area and street where the 1975 civil war started adds to the worry.
Pres Berri who is also the head of the Amal movement was in full support of freeing Geagea, why then, should there be violence between Amal members and Geagea's Forces?

What is the name of the person killed? Who are the injured? Where did the fire-arms come from?

Is it normal for citizens to get killed whenever there is a celebration?!!


Anonymous said...

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Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

If a LF went to a Shia neigbourhood, attacked people in their neighbourhood and got beaten, I wouldn't say it's the fault of the Shias.


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