12 July 2005

Cutting Off 55,000 Arabs in Jerusalem

Israel's separation barrier in Jerusalem will cut off 55,000 Palestinian residents from the rest of the city, Israeli officials acknowledged Sunday. Palestinians say they will face daily complications in reaching jobs, schools and hospitals.

Israel captured the eastern part of Jerusalem in the 1967 war and regards the entire city as its capital. The barrier mostly follows the eastern boundaries of the city, as established by Israel after the war.

The new path will cut through two Palestinian neighbourhoods as well as the Qalandiya refugee camp on the eastern outskirts of the city.

The 55,000 Palestinians face daily trips through Israeli checkpoints to enter the main part of their city, while the rest of the West Bank's 2.3 million Palestinians are banned from entering Jerusalem at all times because of Israeli security restrictions.

While the government has taken account of the Supreme Court's rulings, it has ignored the non-binding judgment of the United Nations' International Court of Justice.
The ICJ ruled that parts of the separation barrier which jut into the West Bank are illegal and should be torn down.





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