16 June 2005

Sectarianism (al ta’ifiya الطائفية)

Sectarianism (al ta’ifiya الطائفية) - or whatever it may be called - in Lebanon, does not mean just belonging to a sect or a religious group. It is (or has) transformed into a form of “racism”. In a country as small as Lebanon (10 452 sq.km) with only 3.5 million inhabitants (official early 1900’s census) you have 18 sects discriminating against each other in practice, while claiming to live in perfect harmony. This makes one wonder: where will all this double face lead. There is a contagious “superiority complex” spreading among people. Sectarianism (al ta’ifiya الطائفية) in Lebanon is non-religious, non-pious, immoral, a disease and worst of all it is practiced as a form of “racism” among people belonging to the same nation and “race”. As Lebanese we are even proud that we have such a unique system, as proud as we are that we have tabbouli and kibbi nayyi. Something from the “twilight zone”?!. Figure it out if you can!



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