21 June 2005

George Hawi

George Hawi was a very influential Lebanese politician, as the Secretary General of the Communist Party, as a prominent member and co-founder of the leftist coalition known as the Lebanese National Movement (during the Lebanese civil war), and as a leader in the National Resistance Front against the “Israeli” occupation of Lebanon.

He joined the Lebanese Communist Party very early in his youth, and rose very quickly through the ranks. He was one of the best polemicists in the Arab world, and was a great organizer. The growth of the Lebanese Communist Party in the 1960s and 1970s was a tribute to his skills and talents. He knew how to inspire people: those who were students and intellectuals, and those who were workers and peasants. Many of the statements of the Lebanese National Movement during the war years carry his imprint. He had a tendency to attribute local events to "an imperialist-Zionist" conspiracy" and that language made its way in Arab political rhetoric outside of Lebanon.

After the civil war he made many conciliatory visits to ex-enemies during the civil war, and got involved in self-criticism of his thoughts and roles. “Israel” can not be considered innocent in what happens in Lebanon as we can not assume anyone guilty before a thorough investigation is carried out. Israel started the car explosions in Lebanon in the last two years when its agents killed Jihad Jibril (son of Ahmad Jibril, head of PFLP-GC), in a car explosion in Beirut as it did in two other car explosions that killed two leaders of the resistance in the suburbs of Beirut, (in the same manner that Qasir and Hawi were assassinated).

We should be very careful NOT to allow these unjustified and absurd acts of killing to lead us to internal conflicts.
We should press hard to find the culprits.

God Bless Lebanon.

If the USA says it knows of a list of candidates for assassination in Lebanon, then why don’t they do something to stop these acts?



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